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Why the ‘Slimmed Down Monarchy’ is a Problem in the Wake of Health Scares

Kate frowns in disgust against a blue background.
Source: TheList/YouTube

Drama at the palace? Royal news outlets report that there have been some sudden upheavals in the “traditional” way of doing things after the King and Princess of Wales’ health scares in 2023 and 2024. Namely, outgoing palace leaks, political shifts, and inter-family concerns with Princesses Eugenia and Beatrice. 

Could King Charles’ ‘slimmed-down’ monarchy approach be flawed at its core? What will happen in 2024? Here’s what to know.

To fully understand the current level of strain, it’s important to understand the element that Prince Harry’s departure and fanfare bring to the royal family. Expert Angela Levin was quoted speaking with the Royal Observer, stating that his relationship with the York princesses could be concerning due to the rift that began when he left with Megan Markle. 

The expert went on to discuss the citizens’ view of the minuscule approach, and found that many preferred a fully-staffed palace to make them feel that ‘the royals are worth having.’ This remark came from Lady Colin Campbell and was referenced by The Royal Observer, highlighting its evergreen nature. 

Another concern? The ongoing leaks that the palace has been subjected to over the past few months. According to The Royal Observer, many feel that the first crack in the surface of the palace’s public image was with the leaks of the upcoming and ongoing surgeries. 

The problem wasn’t so much that the surgeries were announced, per The Royal Observer, it was the fact that they were leaked rather than officially noted to the public. 

Expert journalist for the royals, Jack Royston, came to The Royal Observer — noting that the decision to make a public announcement of such matters was always better than having the information leaked. This is because a public announcement would stave off speculation about the royals and their longevity, instead helping the public to feel more confident about who they have in the positions of power in-state; as well as their constitution.  

Per The Royal Observer, Prince Harry had already called attention the leak-prone nature of the Palace; stating that leaks were “all too common.” 

As more people called attention to the excess of leaks, the Palace opted to release a royal statement of King Charles’ upcoming prostate procedure — perhaps taking a note from the prior confusion caused by Princess Kate’s abdominal surgery announcement mishap. 

The release read: “In common with thousands of men each year, the king had sought treatment for an enlarged prostate. His Majesty’s condition is benign, and he will attend the hospital next week for a corrective procedure. The king’s public engagements will be postponed for a short period of recuperation,” per The Royal Observer. 

Could this have been a political play? Possibly. Outlets report that some believe the king released the statement in the midst of the Kate news as a way to draw attention away from her. He also encouraged the public to check themselves as well, further redirecting attention.


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