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Royal Expert Says There’s “No Going Back” for Prince Harry and Prince William’s Relationship

Prince Harry and Prince William with their mother Princess Diana and as adults
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Prince Harry’s memoir Spare let the world in on the truth about his relationship with his brother William. Since the book came out it has been no secret that there is some tension between the brothers. His docu-series with his wife Meghna Markle also shed some light on the parts of the Windsor family that some people would have probably preferred to keep private.

Royal author and expert Omid Scobie added to overall suspicions with his book Endgame. Scobie claims that there is irreversible damage to the brothers’ relationship that is not possible to come back from. He believes that Harry’s memoir was his last effort to express to his family how he’s really felt for a long time. He stated, “Clearly, there’s never been an open enough forum to have these conversations or share these feelings”.

Scobie’s book will timeline the fall of William and Harry’s relationship in congruence with the fall of the modern monarchy. He does not shy away from pointing out the areas in which the royal family falls short, pinpointing the fatal flaw of acknowledging and handling internal struggles within their own house. He goes so far as to imply that William has been too busy concerning himself with impressing the crown than showing loyalty to his own brother. He asserts in the book that William has gone so far as to sabotage Harry using the British press.

Apparently, William sees Harry as a defector, who abandoned his own home and country. However, based on Harry’s memoir and comments in his docu-series Harry & Meghan he makes clear that the main reasons he distanced himself from the crown was due to his commitment to not let history repeat itself. He experienced the tragedy of the loss of his mother and refused to let that happen to his wife as well.

Scobie believes the brothers are too far gone to patch things up, stating that they will realize what they lost “far too late in the journey”. William sees Harry’s freedom as a threat to the crown and they may never be able to see eye to eye.

Sadly, if this is the case, Scobie asserts that the fall of the brothers’ relationship will cause a ripple effect that impacts the monarchy as a whole. As he sees it, the new generation had the opportunity to fix a lot of what has been wrong in the monarchy for years, but with this rift between them and no end in sight, he fears that possibility is becoming more of a pipe dream.

The royals are slow to adapt to modern times and will be even slower without the guidance of William and Harry as a united front. As it stands, the royal family may be in for another generation of the repeated history and avoidance of taking responsibility for past mistakes.



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