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Meghan Markle’s Sister Takes Her to Court- “I Can Prove She’s a Liar’

Meghan Markle and older sister Samantha Markle
Source: WPA Pool/ Getty Images

Meghan Markle did not have the easiest transition into the royal family, as was made clear in her Oprah interview from 2021 in which she and her husband, Prince Harry opened up about the reasons they distanced themselves from the Royals and moved to California to raise their children instead. As it turns out, Prince Harry’s family isn’t the only one causing drama for the couple.

Meghan is no stranger to scrutiny. The former actress was torn apart by social media when she married Prince Harry and the onslaught of commentary on everything from the way she dresses to the facial expressions she wears has not subsided since entering the spotlight. This may come as no surprise to some, seeing as she joined arguably the most famous family in the world, but many have commented that her race has played a role in the unfortunate abuse she’s received online and from other members of the family.

Meghan’s sister Samantha has made her own career out of trying to destroy her younger sister.  In her most recent stunt, she slapped Meghan with a defamation lawsuit that is almost as ridiculous as her interviews in which she publicly bashes her sister. Samantha also wrote a memoir that seemed to target Meghan as well, though it flopped spectacularly without gaining much interest at all.

The basis of the lawsuit is that Samantha claims Meghan has lied about the nature of their relationship, particularly referring to comments she made in her Oprah interview in 2021 and the Netflix docu-series Harry and Meghan. Meghan admitted in the interview that she and Samantha have never had a close relationship. Samantha is 17 years older than Meghan so they didn’t spend time together when they were kids and that didn’t change much in their adult lives. They had different mothers and honestly just didn’t have many interactions at all.

A judge quickly dismissed the case in March but Samantha appealed the decision and found herself back in court. The general consensus of the public as well as the judge who originally dismissed the case was that there was no true basis to sue someone for expressing their opinion. Meghan didn’t bash her older sister so much as be honest about their relationship (or lack thereof).

But of course, the media will take any opportunity to jump on a story and the revival of the case has garnered her some attention, which is perhaps all she wanted in the first place. Samantha told the press the following when her case was re-opened: “I think the truth stands on its own, so I’m optimistic and thankful that we have a justice system that gives us a chance to present the facts”.

She continued to say that Meghan was the reason for a lot of turmoil in her life and that she sought justice through the legal system to “get back a lot of my life that was lost from a lot of damage over several years. All we can do is move forward based on truth and positivity”.

Her pleas for “positivity” made some online commenters laugh, as this was the same woman who claimed Meghan faked her pregnancies and actually tried to give their father a stroke.

Meghan’s lawyer had this to say about Samantha’s lawsuit and comments to the press: “This baseless and absurd lawsuit is just a continuation of a pattern of disturbing behavior”.


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