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Did Taylor Swift Steal This Kate Middleton Look?

Taylor Swift attends the 66th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 04, 2024
Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

When Taylor Swift glided onto the red carpet at the 2024 Grammys, the world took a collective breath. Dressed in a Schiaparelli masterpiece, the pop princess was the epitome of elegance, her white strapless gown with a daring thigh-high slit paired with sleek black opera gloves.

It was a fashion moment that resonated deeply, not just for its breathtaking aesthetics but for the whispers of royal inspiration it carried.

Swift, known for her meticulously curated public image and fashion choices, seemed to channel a certain regal flair reminiscent of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, at the 2023 BAFTAs (via People).

Middleton, a perennial style icon, had previously captivated the global audience in an upcycled Alexander McQueen gown, gracefully accented with black elbow-length gloves from Cornelia James, a designer holding a Royal Warrant. This choice was just as much about fashion as it was a statement of sustainability and elegance, a hallmark of Middleton’s public persona.

Swift’s Grammy look mirrored this elegance but infused it with a dash of pop royalty glamour, including over 300 carats worth of Lorraine Schwartz diamonds and a vintage watch, repurposed as a choker, adding a modern twist to the ensemble.

The comparison between Swift’s and Middleton’s looks opens a dialogue about the intersection of royal and celebrity fashion influences. While both women opted for white gowns and opera gloves, a symbol of sophistication and grace, their accessories marked their personal stamps on each look. Middleton’s choice of oversized rose gold floral earrings and Swift’s layered diamond necklaces and custom-made choker showcased their ability to blend personal style seamlessly.

Of course, this fashion faceoff begs the question: Did Taylor Swift “steal” Kate Middleton’s look, or is it a case of inspired fashion? In the world of haute couture, where inspiration flows as freely as the fabrics themselves, it’s unlikely that Swift “stole” Middleton’s look.

If anything, it’s more likely more appropriate to view Swift’s ensemble as a nod to Middleton’s elegance rather than a direct imitation. Fashion, after all, is an ever-evolving medium, with each outfit telling its unique story, influenced by myriad factors by its wearer.

It’s also important to keep in mind that beyond their fashion choices, both Swift and Middleton have carved out spaces where their influence extends far beyond their outfits. Swift’s historic win at the Grammys, becoming the only artist ever to win Album of the Year four times, cements her status as music royalty. In parallel, Middleton’s fashion choices often carry deeper narratives, from championing sustainable fashion to subtly nodding to her public role and personal interests through what she wears.

The interplay between Swift’s Grammy look and Middleton’s BAFTA attire also underscores a mutual admiration and influence that transcends fashion. Swift has long expressed her respect for the royal family, and her fashion choice at the Grammys could be seen as a tribute to Middleton’s style.

Meanwhile, Middleton and Prince William have shown their affinity for Swift’s music, adding layers to this fashion-inspired connection (via People).

Taylor Swift’s Grammy outfit and Kate Middleton’s BAFTA gown represent more than just two stunning moments in fashion history. They highlight the dialogue between celebrity and royalty, where inspiration and personal expression meet. Swift, with her flair for narrative and image crafting, and Middleton, with her commitment to elegance and duty, remind us that fashion is a powerful form of communication. This isn’t a story of fashion imitation but one of mutual respect and inspiration, proving that in the realm of style, there’s room for everyone to shine.


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