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Queen Camilla Plans to Start a Podcast

Queen Camilla is pictured wearing a ceremonial dress adorned with gold floral embroidery and a pearl necklace with sapphire accents. She dons a diamond tiara atop her white coiffed hair and is seated in front of an ornate golden backdrop with heraldic symbols
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Queen Camilla, a long-time advocate for literacy and literature, is poised to extend her influence in the literary world with the introduction of a new podcast. This venture, set to debut in the early months of the new year, is closely tied to her existing initiative, the Queen’s Reading Room. 

The podcast aims to provide a platform for literary enthusiasts and those seeking to deepen their appreciation for literature. It promises to feature candid conversations with globally renowned authors, exploring their personal literary journeys, favorite books, and the profound impact of literature on their lives.

The announcement of the Queen’s new podcast was made through an Instagram reel by the Queen’s Reading Room. The initiative described the upcoming podcast as a space where “book lovers—and those who wish they loved literature a little more—to be inspired by the bookish confessions of global literary heroes.” This description sets the tone for the podcast, suggesting it will offer a blend of personal anecdotes and literary insights. The podcast is also expected to delve into the lives of authors, offering listeners a unique glimpse into their personal spaces and literary preferences.

Among the anticipated highlights of the podcast are interviews with prominent authors discussing their favorite works and authors. Using Instagram, the Queen’s Reading Room has teased potential topics and guests, posing intriguing questions like “Who does Sir Ian Rankin read when he is low? Where does David Baddiel stash his fiction and which masterpiece has Ann Patchett given up on again and again?” Such queries hint at the depth and variety of discussions that listeners can expect. The podcast is scheduled to be available on all major podcasting platforms starting January 8, 2024, making it accessible to a wide audience.

The foundation of the podcast lies in Queen Camilla’s online reading room, which was launched in January 2021. Initially conceived as a book club during the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform has since evolved into a charity with a global reach, dedicated to promoting literature. 

It underwent a rebranding in February 2023, emphasizing its growing role in the literary community. The Queen’s Reading Room has been instrumental in connecting readers worldwide and fostering a love for reading.

Queen Camilla herself has been vocal about her passion for reading. She has been quoted on the Queen’s Reading Room website as saying, “To me reading is a great adventure, I have loved it since I was very small and I would love everybody else to enjoy it as much as I do. You can escape, and you can travel, and you can laugh and you can cry. Every type of emotion which humans experience is in a book.” These words reflect her deep connection with reading and her desire to share this joy with others. Her love for reading was inspired by her father, and she has since made literacy and literature central themes in her royal engagements.

Through this podcast, Queen Camilla aims to extend her influence in the literary world and share her passion for books with a broader audience. The initiative aligns with her ongoing commitment to literacy and literature, illustrating the importance of reading in personal and cultural development.


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