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Queen Camilla Pleads for an End to Domestic Violence

Queen Camilla speaking at a podium
Source: Getty Images

As domestic violence cases soar around the world, Queen Camilla has taken to her platform to call attention to the matter — encouraging the teaching of mutual respect in schools as a way to limit or prohibit future cases from occurring.

The comments came after Queen Camilla visited a women’s refuge in Swindon, celebrating over 50 years of domestic abuse supportive services in the region. The staff at the Swindon location gave Queen Camilla a tour of their facilities and grounds, calling attention to the grave realities that so many survivors must face each year.

StatPearls estimates that about 10 million people face intimate partner violence each year. Intimate partner violence, by definition, can encompass hitting, slapping, shoving, grabbing, pushing, and fatal or non-fatal injuries as a result. It can also encompass verbal or sexual abuse, as well as financial abuse by more recent definitions.

During the tour, Her Majesty commented favorably about the quality of care and the comprehensive scope of services that the facility was offering survivors of violence.

Royal Central quoted the Queen, as she told the staff “You’re doing such a wonderful job in so many walks of life. You seem to be getting into everywhere, which is what is needed. It’s not just looking after victims and the children. It’s getting into schools and teaching young people, teaching them respect.”

When advised that the service had marked 50 years of aid to the community, Her Majesty expressed favorable feelings that the next five decades might see the end of intimate partner violence, according to Royal Central.

The Queen then moved on to complete the tour, going on to speak intimately with both women and children who were being supported by the service at the time of the visit.

Per Royal Central, the Swindon women’s refuge has a rapidly expanding facility that features up 20 flats for family housing, as well as two emergency accommodation centers to support those fleeing abusive situations.

The Queen was able to speak to the staff, police, council officials, and volunteers who were able to be on-site for the tour, encouraging them to continue on in their work and support.

After going on-site at the shelter, the Queen continued her day in Swindon, touring the local businesses and speaking with her subjects. She was reportedly asked several times about the King’s health, in light of recent news about his enlarged prostate.

When asked, Royal Central reports that Queen Camilla was encouraging about the King’s state. She had said that he was “fine” and thanked the townspeople kindly for their care and attention to the situation. No further matters were discussed per the Royal Central report, and the Queen continued her day in Swindon before returning to the palace.

At the time of this publication, there is no further news regarding the King’s health. He is reportedly going to complete inpatient medical treatment to address the concern within the week.


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