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Meghan Markle’s Makes Her Return to Acting

Megan Markle smiling at event/Megan Markle makes an appearance in an Instagram video
Source: Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images/@clevrblends/Instagram

Megan Markle was once an extremely popular actress; she is known for her role on the popular show Suits, though Megan hung up her acting hat when she married the then-Prince of Great Britain, Harry Windsor. 

However, Harry and Megan decided to leave the Royal Family behind after they gave birth to their son, Archie, and instead, live the simple life in California, thus becoming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Since moving to California, the pair have led a quiet life and have avoided the public eye, but Megan recently made an appearance in an Instagram video that has since gone viral. 

The video was posted by Clevr Blends, a latte company that Megan has invested in. In the clip, Clever co-founder Hannah Mendoza is seen walking through the company’s headquarters, showing followers a day in the life of her employees. And one of those employees is none other than Megan Markle. She can be seen working with the product, handing Hannah a drink from the fridge, and essentially running errands around the office. 

Megan told the press when she invested in the company in 2020 that “This investment is in support of a passionate female entrepreneur who prioritizes building community alongside her business.” The once-princess also famously sent a basket of Clevr products to Oprah Winfrey that same year. 

Since the Instagram video was posted, there have been jokes circulating around the internet that Megan is returning to acting, but of course, there is no real acting done in the shop clip. It’s much more of an endorsement than it is any acting gig. However, her part in the video certainly got the world’s attention. 

As one of the most famous women in the world, everything Megan does sparks a debate. Some people see her part in the video as a fun and helpful way to support the business she clearly cares about, whereas others argue that it is beneath the superstar and former princess. 

When Harry and Megan left the Royal Family behind, many judged them for their lack of dedication to Great Britain, and after this video was released, some Brits said that Megan clearly showed that she has always wanted to be a Hollywood celebrity, not a Royal one. 

Many people are also wondering if this clip is just the start of a new and improved acting career for Megan. Now that she has been a princess, she could probably go back to what she loves and get every role she auditions for. Again, some people admire and support her, saying that if she loves to act, she should surely act. But others say that it’s embarrassing for a former princess to go back to working as an actress. 

As of now, the world will have to wait to see if the Duchess of Sussex will make it back to the screen, with fingers crossed around the world that she will and that she won’t.


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