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King Charles III Openness About Prostate Condition Has Increased Internet Search for Medical Condition

King Charles III Smiles while interacting with a crowd
Source: CC BY-NC-SA

Many royal media sources have announced that King Charles will be undergoing a procedure for his enlarged prostate. This topic has garnered international attention, and has actually resulted in an uptick of related searches about the condition. 

Here’s what you need to know about the King’s current state of health, and about the related search query count.

King Charles is currently at his private Aberdeenshire home in Birkhall at the time of his publication. Per The Guardian, he will remain there until his surgery, undergoing necessary medical preparatory tasks to prepare him for surgery and the recovery period. 

As a result of his absence, he has taken an extended period of time away from his duties, and has since cancelled Thursday meetings at Dumfries House in Ayrshire. 

Presumably a result of the king’s time away, Queen Camilla went to the Aberdeen Art Gallery on a solo expedition. While there, The Guardian reports that she was interviewed by David Cameron, the city’s lord provost, about King Charles’ condition. When asked, the Queen reportedly responded: “He’s fine, thank you very much. Looking forward to getting back to work.” 

In the midst of this excitement, researchers from The Guardian found that the NHS website page for prostate enlargement got 11 times the average traffic it normally gets when the news broke. The heightened traffic could be a result of the Palace announcement that stated that the condition affects thousands of men per year. 

When interviewed by The Guardian, NHS England confirmed that one person visited the site page every five seconds. There were 16,410 pings in total, presumably as a result of the visualization that the King’s condition brought to the matter. 

There isn’t a shortage of medical emergencies affecting the Royal family at this moment. Currently, the Princess of Wales is on her third and fourth days in hospital due to a planned abdominal surgery. This event has prompted discourse from citizens, wondering what the purpose is for the surgery and the current status of the Queen’s health. 

The Guardian has confirmed that the Princess of Wales will be spending 10 to 14 days in the hospital once surgery is complete, and will be taking a break from her public duties for an extended period of time after. The exact duration of the time has not yet been confirmed. 

While there is no official reason released for Catherine’s surgery at the time of this publication, the palace has indicated that the cause is not related to cancer, per The Guardian. 

Both the Princess of Wales and the King will have support from every member of the palace, including their immediate family, as they undergo their respective healing processes. Generally, in this situation, the Palace will provide timely updates to address their respective healing processes. 

A benefit of this newfound attention to prostate health is an uptick in prostate risk assessments done at home. The Guardian reports that Chiara de Biase of Prostate Cancer UK has confirmed that the number of people using the online risk checker has risen by over 97%.


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