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Kate Middleton and Princess Mary of Denmark are Strangely Similar

Princess Mary (left) shown alongside Princess Kate (right).
Source: Wikipedia

Princess Mary, future queen of Denmark, may have more similarities to Princess Kate Middleton than many believe. Beyond the upcoming title changes that both queens will experience, they come from similar backgrounds, have similar experiences, and even look alike! Here’s what we know about Princess Kate and Princess Mary.

The story for many starts with the princess’ backgrounds. Neither of the princesses were born into the royal life, instead first experiencing it as kingdom outsiders. Additionally, Mary didn’t even start as a Danish citizen, in fact; as she was born in Tasmania, Australia. She met Frederik, her husband, at a bar in Sydney in 2000. 


Mary has a background in marketing, while Kate worked as an accessory buyer and employee of her parents’ business. 


Walking Down The Aisle: A Study In Princess Couture 

Both Princess Mary and Princess Kate had royal weddings, spaced just a few years apart. Princess Mary’s wedding took place on May 14th, 2004, and was attended by several aristocrats and European royals. After the nuptials, the couple kissed on the balcony of Christian VII’s Palace.  


Princess Kate had her wedding at Westminster Abbey, marrying Prince William on April 29th, 2011. They then appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony, sharing a kiss for the cameras. 


Both princesses had gorgeous designer dresses and made international headlines for their looks. 


Double Vision? Or Just The Same Outfit? 

If you’ve noticed similar fashion sense between the two princesses, you aren’t alone. Many aristocrats, citizens, and even Karl Lagerfeld have spotted the dual trends, prompting him to note to WWD that he saw Kate as Mary’s ‘younger sister,’ according to Business Insider. 


The two princesses love to dress by occasion, choosing from a range of monochromatic suits, sensible casual outfits, and seamless summer dresses that are the pinnacle of elegance. 


While the pair enjoy a good outfit refresh from time to time, both have made headlines for their beliefs and advocacy for sustainable fashion, per Business Insider. 


The Bond of Motherhood 

Both Princess Mary and Princess Kate share the bond of motherhood, and have seven children between them. Frederick and Mary have four children: Prince Christian, Prince Vincent, Princess Isabella, and Princess Josephine. Prince Kate and Princess William have three; Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte. 


Queens Vs. Queen Consorts 

Neither Princess Kate nor Princess Mary will be true queens, as the definition suggests. They will, by definition, be queen consorts. This title is applied to spouses of monarchs, per Business Insider. 


Queen, in contrast, is used to describe reigning female monarchs, rather than the spouses of monarchs either reigning or in line to the throne. 

While this definition is used commonly, Business Insider notes that the definitions may change or vary from monarchy to monarchy. An example of this has recently occurred, as Queen Elizabeth II stated explicitly that she wanted Queen Camilla to be known as a Queen Consort.


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