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Harry And Meghan Slammed With Jokes During The Golden Globes

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are smiling and posing together for a photo at a formal event. Meghan is wearing a sleeveless dress with her hair neatly tied back, complemented by long earrings, while Prince Harry is in a dark suit with a light shirt and a dark blue tie
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex found themselves slammed with jokes during the Golden Globes ceremony. The event which took place on January 7, 2024, saw comedian Jo Koy, the newly appointed host, making light-hearted remarks about Prince Harry and Meghan’s financial dealings, particularly their contract with Netflix. Koy quipped, “Turns out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will still get paid millions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing – and that’s just by Netflix.” This remark was part of his opening monologue and followed a joke about Netflix’s award-winning drama ‘The Crown’, which chronicles the life of the Royal family.


Continuing with the theme of royal satire, The Telegraph reveals that Koy made another joke involving the Sussexes, this time referencing Imelda Staunton’s acclaimed portrayal of the Queen in ‘The Crown’. He humorously suggested, “The portrayal of the Queen was so good Prince Harry called her and asked her for money.” 


These jokes were part of a broader trend of comedic material targeting the couple. This trend includes episodes from popular animated shows like ‘South Park’ and ‘Family Guy’, which have also parodied the Duke and Duchess. 


The Daily Mail details an episode of ‘South Park’ titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour,” which seemed to mock the couple’s move to the US and their quest for privacy, while simultaneously drawing attention to themselves. The Duchess of Sussex reportedly felt “upset and overwhelmed” by this episode.


The couple’s move to the United States and subsequent endeavors, particularly their multi-million dollar deal with Netflix, have gained significant attention. Their agreement with the streaming giant, estimated to be around $100 million, led to the production of several series, including the documentary ‘Harry & Meghan’, ‘Heart of Invictus’, and ‘Live to Lead’. 


These projects have highlighted various aspects of their lives and interests. However, there has been speculation about the longevity of this deal, especially following the premature conclusion of their $20 million Spotify contract, which ended after releasing just one series and a short holiday special, The Daily Mail reports.


Critics and industry figures have voiced their opinions on the couple’s foray into production. Some expressed being “underwhelmed” by their productivity and raised concerns about their lack of experience in the field. Despite these criticisms, The Telegraph reveals that their Netflix series ‘Harry & Meghan’, which aired controversial claims about the Royal family, became the most watched subscription television series of 2022 in the UK.


At the same Golden Globes event, a reunion of the original cast members of the TV series ‘Suits’, in which the Duchess formerly starred, took place. The Daily Mail notes that the cast members presented the award for Outstanding Drama Series, however the Duchess was unable to attend due to a ‘previous commitment.’

Amidst these comedic portrayals and media scrutiny, cultural and royal experts have voiced their perspectives on the Sussexes’ current standing in the United States. Phil Dampier, a royal author, told The Daily Mail: “A couple of years ago Harry and Meghan would not have been humiliated in this way but they are now the butt of jokes, even among the woke luvvies of Hollywood. When you become figures of ridicule you are in trouble.”


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