Rumors About Kate Middleton’s Health Issues

Published: Mar 10, 2024

The British royal family has recently been going through a few health issues, including King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis and Princess Catherine’s abdominal surgery.

But while King Charles has been seen out and about, Catherine is nowhere to be seen. And given the lack of information regarding her health issues, this has sent the rumor mill into overdrive.

Kate Middleton’s Abdominal Surgery

On Jan. 17, 2024, it was announced by The Royal Household that Princess Catherine had been admitted to the hospital the day before for “planned abdominal surgery.”

Kate Middleton playing cricket. She is wearing white clothing and has her hair tied up. She is holding a cricket bat and is bent over ready to hit the ball.

Source: BBC News/Wikimedia Commons

But despite the surgery supposedly being planned, Catherine already had some planned royal engagements that were canceled while she recovered.

Kate Middleton’s Recovery Time Sparked Concern

According to Express, Catherine was expected to stay between 10 and 14 days, which was the first thing that raised eyebrows.

Kate Middleton looking into the camera and smiling. She is wearing a navy blue jacket and white shirt, with a gold necklace and earrings. There are some gold statues behind her.

Source: The Royal Navy/Wikimedia Commons

Then came the news that Catherine was expected to not return to royal duties for another three months, with it believed that she would come back to public life around Easter.

The Secrecy Surrounding Kate Middleton’s Surgery

While the palace has been pretty open about King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, things have been a lot quieter on the Princess Catherine front.

Kate Middleton slightly turned to the side and smiling at someone.

Source: Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons

Not only did the news come as a shock to the public and media, but according to People, it was also a shock to those close to the royal family as they were unaware that anything was going on.

Kate Middleton Hasn’t Been Seen Publicly in Two Months

In another comparison to King Charles, who has been seen out and about since his cancer diagnosis, according to Cafe Mom, Princess Catherine hasn’t been seen in over two months.

A black and white photo of Kate Middleton Smiling. She is waving to someone who is off-camera and is holding an umbrella.

Source: Ricky Wilson/Wikimedia Commons

The last time Catherine was seen was at Christmas, during the royal family’s traditional walk at Sandringham, and there is no saying when she might appear again.

There Are Many Rumors Surrounding Kate Middleton’s Health Issues

The news of her abdominal surgery being so sudden and the secrecy surrounding it has led to many rumors about what might be wrong with Princess Catherine.

Kate Middleton sat in a horse and carriage. She is wearing a light blue dress and hat and pearl earrings.

Source: Carfax2/Wikimedia Commons

These rumors range from her being in a coma to having mental health issues, but there is no saying as to whether any of these are true or not.


Is Kate Middleton in a Coma? The Palace Says No

One of the rumors surrounding the actual state of Catherine’s health comes from Spanish writer Concha Calleja on Telecinco’s “Fiesta,” where she stated Catherine was put into a coma.

Kate Middleton smiling and waving at some crowds. She is wearing a light green dress and a red hat. There is a man in a suit standing behind her.

Source: Minerva97/Wikimedia Commons

Callija claimed that while the abdominal surgery had gone well, Catherine had suffered from some complications, which resulted in her being put into an induced coma.


Royal Sources Angry About Coma Rumor

While Concha Calleja is adamant about her claims, a royal source has told The Times that this rumor simply isn’t true.

Kate Middleton giving an award to a tennis player. She is wearing a yellow dress and smiling. The tennis player has her back to the camera.

Source: Peter Menzel/Wikimedia Commons

The royal source said that it was “total nonsense” and that Calleja clearly hadn’t fact-checked her sources.


The Rumor About Kate Middleton Having Plastic Surgery

Another one of the many rumors surrounding Princess Catherine’s sudden disappearance is that she has had plastic surgery.

Kate Middleton looking to the side of her looking unimpressed. She is wearing a green coat and dangly earrings.

Source: BBC News/Wikimedia Commons

Dr. Ryan Neinstein has said in In Touch Weekly that Kate has had a tummy tuck and that this is why she is expected to need a recovery time of at least three months.


Kate Middleton May Have Had a Hysterectomy

Princess Catherine is also rumored to have had a hysterectomy, according to some royal fans on X (formerly Twitter).

A screenshot of a post on X. The text reads “Kate Middleton is clearly having a necessary Hysterectomy. She has provided heirs, it is for her own health (My mother had a large non cancerous cyst, there are many reasons. The time to recover implies a similar major procedure. It is a private matter and of no concern to anyone.”

Source: @Caroline_Gold/X

They believe that Catherine is having a hysterectomy, either because of a medical issue or because she no longer wants to have any more children.


Hysterectomies Don’t Need a Three-Month Recovery Time

While a hysterectomy is a serious operation, according to The Cleveland Clinic, should Catherine have had a hysterectomy, she would have only needed half the recovery time.

Kate Middleton wearing a light pink coat and hat. Prince Harry is standing behind her.

Source: Carfax2/Wikimedia Commons

According to the clinic, hysterectomies typically need a recovery time of four to six weeks, so it’s somewhat unlikely, unless confirmed, that Catherine has had a hysterectomy.


The Rumor About Kate Middleton Having an Eating Disorder

During an appearance on GB News, journalist Angela Levin said she believes Princess Catherine may have an eating disorder or other illness.

Kate Middleton smiling at the camera. She is wearing a blue dress and earrings to match. There is a room full of people behind her.

Source: Ian Jones/Wikimedia Commons

Levin said it is unlikely that Catherine would want to be in hospital for an extended period and that mental illness may explain why she needs to remain out of the spotlight for at least three months.


Should Kate Middleton Reveal the Truth Behind Her Diagnosis?

As with many rumors, the longer a celebrity or royal goes without saying anything, the more the rumors seem to ramp up.

Kate Middleton looking up at some trees. She is wearing an orange blazer and a white shirt with some gold necklaces. A man and woman are standing behind her and some children are in front pointing up towards the trees.

Source: The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London/Wikimedia Commons

Marca wrote that Catherine should reveal the truth about her diagnosis as this will help stop the rumors. However, with medical issues being a private thing, there is no telling when Catherine will reappear or if she will ever reveal what is going on.