Kate Middleton’s Worst Style Moments

By: Beth Moreton | Published: Feb 17, 2024

Most royals are busy with their social endeavors and appointments, another aspect of their life that is regularly looked into is their fashion sense.

While Princess Catherine has often been praised for many of her outfits, there have also been a few occasions where her outfits haven’t quite hit the mark.

Katherine Hooker’s Tweed Fail

Before becoming an official member of the royal family, Catherine was still invited to some royal events and took center stage in the press.

Kate Middleton at Cheltenham Races in 2007. She is wearing a green tweed jacket and skirt with a blue-collar shirt underneath. She has black sunglasses on and a black handbag on her shoulder.

Source: Daily News/YouTube

During a 2007 visit to the Cheltenham races, Catherine opted for a green tweed outfit from designer Katherine Hooker, according to OK! Magazine. While the tweed meant she fit in perfectly, the skirt length made her appear shorter than she was and was a weird fit on her waistline. 

Maternity Fail during Scandinavian Tour

Dressing when you’re pregnant can be hard, but despite most of her maternity fashion doing wonders, Middleton missed the mark on this one.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, and a few dinner guests making their way to a dinner in Oslo, Norway. Kate is wearing a pale pink, flowy dress with jeweling on her collarbone and her hair in a low bun.

Source: Scandinavian Royalty/YouTube

During a trip to Oslo, Norway, in February 2018, when she was seven months pregnant, Kate opted for a pale pink, flowy dress made by Alexander McQueen, according to Vanity Fair. However, the dress didn’t quite suit her frame, and the color of her dress washed out her already pale skin. 

Scandinavia Isn’t Kate’s Style

While Scandinavian style is popular among many, there is something about Kate visiting the area that affects her style.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Crown Princess Victoria, and Prince Daniel. William and Daniel are in navy blue suits and ties. Kate is wearing a floral blue dress with long sleeves. Victoria is wearing a red long-sleeved top and black trousers.

Source: BE Ready/YouTube

While on the 2018 Scandinavia tour in Sweden, Kate wore a floral blue Erdem dress, according to People. The pattern of the dress was a bit too much, and the dress didn’t flatter her figure like some of her other outfits had. 

Peplum Jackets Are Not for Kate

Clearly a fan of a peplum jacket, Kate chose to wear this when on an official visit alongside Princess Anne to the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in 2022.

Kate Middleton and Princess Anne on their visit to the Royal College of Midwives. Kate is in a beige dress, whilst Anne’s is turquoise. They are accompanied by two people from the organization, including a man in a light blue suit and yellow tie standing next to Kate and a woman in a navy and white long-sleeved dress standing next to Anne.

Source: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

Where the jacket finishes, it gives an overall odd look to the outfit and makes it look a little bulky. The dress, which came from Self-Portrait according to Kate Middleton Style, is a nice color but the wrong length for Kate, and would have looked better if it were a bit shorter. 

BAFTA Film Awards Worst-Dressed List

With any awards show, there is always a best-dressed and worst-dressed list. With Kate’s choice of dress for the 2017 BAFTA Film Awards show, her outfit was in danger of making the latter of those lists.

Kate Middleton and Prince William at the 2017 BAFTA Film Awards. Kate is in a black dress and William is wearing a black suit, white shirt, and black bow tie. They are with a woman in a black dress on the red carpet and there are security men behind them.

Source: RoryOConnorTV/YouTube

The dress in question was black with floral detailing. The floral patterns came in different sizes and would have been better if they were all one size. The dress was made by Alexander McQueen, according to Good Housekeeping, and the bottom of the dress was not flattering on her figure. 


Royal Photography Nightmare

In 2019, Kate was made patron of the Royal Photographic Society, and in the same year, attended a workshop put on by the Society for Children.

Kate Middleton at the Royal Photographic Society’s workshop event. She is wearing a paisley print dress and is standing next to a woman wearing a green dress and showing Kate some information on a board.

Source: The Daily Mail/YouTube

According to What Kate Wore, she wore a paisley print Ridley London dress. Although the dress wasn’t the most offensive item she’d worn, it did look like she was wearing some old-fashioned curtains and wasn’t the most flattering on her figure. 


Royal Ascot Faux-Pas

The Royal Ascot might be all about horse racing, but it is also all about fashion and Kate didn’t quite make it to the top of the best-dressed list this time around.

Kate Middleton and Prince William at the Royal Ascot 2019. William is wearing a black suit, grey waistcoat, and a black top hat and is carrying an umbrella. Kate is wearing a light blue dress and hat. They are surrounded by people and are talking to a man in a black suit.

Source: Royally Obsessed/YouTube

In 2019, she wore a light blue Ellie Saab dress, according to Kate Middleton Style. While the color suited her, it’s the style of dress, in particular the bow, that lets her down, as it makes her look older than she is. 


Commonwealth Day Service Fail

Being a royal means the world’s eyes are constantly on you, especially for big events like the Commonwealth Day service. But despite knowing this, Kate’s outfit that day in 2016 wasn’t her best.

Princes William and Harry and Kate Middleton at the Commonwealth Day service 2016. William and Harry are in dark suits and talking to each other. Kate is wearing a grey hat and overcoat and is holding a bunch of flowers that she has been given by a group of children waiting outside the church.

Source: Royal Commonwealth Society/YouTube

According to Kate Middleton Style, she was wearing a gray lace overcoat by Erdem which felt more like something an older member of the royal family would wear than a younger member, and the bulky look made Kate appear older than she is. 


Lace at the Royal Variety Performance Is a No

The annual Royal Variety performance is a big event, and as the only royals in attendance in 2019, Kate and William should have been prepared to put on a show themselves.

Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Royal Variety Performance 2019. They are being greeted by a woman wearing a white blazer and black dress. William is wearing a black tuxedo and Kate is in a black lace dress. There is a car and a crowd of people behind them.

Source: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

Made by one of her favorite designers, Alexander McQueen, this black lace dress isn’t her worst dress by any means (via Kate Middleton Style). However, the puffed shoulders age the dress, and the neckline doesn’t flatter Kate. 


A Pandemic of Bad Dresses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, William and Kate made a visit to the East London Mosque and Muslim Center in Whitechapel, London.

Kate Middleton and Prince William visiting a London Mosque. Kate is wearing a red floral dress and William is wearing a grey suit. They are talking to a man who has his back to the camera and is also wearing a grey suit. They are standing on a balcony that is overlooking London.

Source: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

While the color and print of this Beulah London dress, suit Kate, the sleeves are the issue (via Kate Middleton Style). They puff out too much at the top and are too clingy at the bottom, and the sleeves’ cutoff makes them look too short and doesn’t flatter the princess. 


A Dress for the History Books

During a visit to the National History Museum in 2012, Kate wore a green dress that might be one she keeps as a part of history (via Kate Middleton Style).

Kate Middleton during a visit to the National History Museum. She is wearing a green full-sleeve dress. On either side of her are two men in suits.

Source: On Demand News/YouTube

The Mulberry dress was green and whilst a nice color, was a bit too bold for Kate. It also looked slightly heavy on top, and as a result, was not at all flattering on her figure. 


The Dress That Started It All

While Kate has had many amazing fashion moments, there are plenty of times when her outfits haven’t quite hit the mark. However, there was one dress that started it all off, and it is the most iconic.

Kate Middleton in the famous sheer dress she wore at a fashion show in 2002 at St. Andrews University.

Source: New York Post/YouTube

The dress in question made history as she wore it during a charity fashion show in 2002 at St. Andrews University, and that is when William, who was sitting in the front row, first realized his feelings for Kate. However, it’s not exactly the most stunning of dresses, with its sheer nature and overall design.