Queen Camilla’s Most Awkward Moments

By: Alec Donaldson | Published: Feb 25, 2024

King Charles married the beloved Princess Diana in 1981, and their marriage lasted for 15 years. Yet, throughout most of their time together, it appears his heart always belonged to another, Camilla Parker Bowles.

The then-prince Charles and Camilla had known each other for years and began an affair while the future king was still married to Diana.

Three in the Marriage

Diana knew what Charles was up to behind her back. Eventually, Diana divorced the heir to the throne, and he later married Camilla in 2005.

King Charles and Queen Camilla pictured laughing together

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Over the years, it’s become apparent to the media that the queen consort has a quirky personality. Here are five of Camilla’s most awkward moments. 

Fan Launches Herself at Camilla

The royal family seldom shows any form of affection toward one another when performing their royal duties. 

Queen Camilla pictured in a long red coat beside children holding British flags

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While King Charles and Queen Camilla appear to be in love, PDA is seldom witnessed in public.

Camilla Shocked by Experience

So you can imagine the awkward situation that arose after a Korean fan hugged Camilla as the now-queen walked through the streets of Liverpool in February 2019. 

Two friends are pictured as they hug one another on the street

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According to Hello! Magazine, Camilla was shocked in the wake of the hug and certainly taken aback at the familiar gesture. The entire awkward moment was caught on camera and later shared online. 

Camilla and Charles Meet a Large Eagle

One of Camilla’s better-documented awkward moments came when she and her husband ventured to the Sandringham Flower Show in 2015.

King Charles pictured alongside his wife Camilla as they get close to a bald eagle

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Camilla and Charles were introduced to an enormous bald eagle during the event.

The Royals' Facial Expressions Said It All

As Charles and Camilla inched closer to the bird, it began to flap its wings, forcing the royals to pull hilarious and awkward faces. 

King Charles and his wife Queen Camilla pictured reacting to a Bald Eagle

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While the encounter only lasted a few moments, a photographer caught it on video. According to People, a spokesperson later said, “It was less dramatic than the pictures suggest.”


The Ancient Order of the Garter

British nobility and several other European royals gather together yearly for Garter Day at Windsor Castle. 

A photograph taken at St George's Chapel during the Order Of The Garter Service at Windsor Castle

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Edward III founded the ancient order in the 14th century. Since 1948, there has been an annual gathering dedicated to the order. 


Kate and Camilla Share an Awkward Moment

Footage of an awkward moment between Queen Camilla and Princess Catherine during the Garter Event in 2019 can be seen online (via Express). The Princess of Wales was stuck in a conversation that almost forced her to miss the Knights and Ladies walking to St. George Chapel. 

Queen Camilla and Princess Kate pictured alongside other royals at the Order of the Garter in 2019

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However, Camilla turned around and tapped Queen Maxima to remind her and Catherine that it was time to pay attention. While it certainly looked awkward at the time, Camilla was pictured laughing with Catherine just a few moments later. 


Camilla Gives an Odd Response

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were taking a step back from royal duties, which his brother, Prince William, didn’t take lightly.

Queen Camilla pictured in a dark blue jacket

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But that was only the beginning. The brothers went on to have a reasonably public feud in the wake of several claims made by Harry and Meghan during interviews. 


'Will You Miss Harry?'

A short time after the news broke of Harry and Meghan’s decision, Camilla was asked by a reporter whether or not she’d miss having Harry and Meghan around.

A reporter dressed in a white jacket writes down notes on her small pad

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According to Entertainment Tonight, she smiled and replied, “Course.” Many online quickly suggested that the awkward moment perfectly defined her personality. Others considered it a subliminal hint that Camilla was happy the prince was gone. 


Princess Anne and Camilla Share an Awkward Moment

Being the sole surviving daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, it makes sense that Princess Anne would be a little protective of her brother, King Charles.

Princess Anne and Queen Camilla pictured alongside King Charles at an event

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It’s possible this is why the princess has been observed in several awkward situations with Charles’ wife, Camilla. If you don’t take our word for it, body language expert Darren Stanton alluded to the awkward tension between the ladies during an interview with Express


Less Confident Than Princess Anne

When speaking about the awkward encounters between the women at a particular formal event, he said, “Camilla’s hands are not visible. This is a sign of slight anxiety and insecurity.”

Princess Anne, King Charles, and Queen Camilla pictured together in Braemar, Scotland, for an event

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Stanton continued, “Holding her bag, Camilla’s hand position, although taken in a single still shot, appears to be less confident than Princess Anne.”