All the Ways Princess Anne Supports the King

By: Alec Donaldson | Published: Feb 13, 2024

Princess Anne is widely considered the hardest-working member of British royalty.

Now, with the king set to be sidelined in the wake of his cancer diagnosis, it appears Princess Anne will take on even more work to ensure the royal family duties are upheld. 

Forever a Princess

Princess Anne is the second child of the former Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne, Princess Royal, pictured as they arrive at Ascot Racecourse

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While she was third in line to become monarch when she was born in 1950, now she is around 17th. Yet the fact that she will never sit as queen hasn’t stopped her from becoming one of the hardest-working royals. 

The Princess Royal

Princess Anne was given the title Princess Royal in June 1987. Over three and a half decades later, Anne continues to work as hard as ever. 

The then-Prince Charles and Princess Anne, Princess Royal, attend a reception

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Quick-witted and tireless when it comes to royal responsibilities, Anne has grown to become one of the most prominent faces of the royal family.

Anne's Role Following the Passing of the Queen

In the years that followed her mother’s death, the Princess Royal solidified herself as the new king’s right-hand woman, per The Daily Mail.

People pictured in black as they attend a funeral and hold hands

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With the recent problems surrounding her brother, King Charles, his prostate, and now the cancer diagnosis, Anne will be further called upon as she aims to guide the royal family and support her brother during this turbulent period.

Charles Can Rely on His Sister

In an interview with Tatler, Wesley Kerr, the former royal correspondent for the BBC, says Charles can fully trust his sister.

An older man pictured as he hugs his older sister beside a park bench

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“She can be relied on for complete discretion and unconditional love,” said Kerr. 

Strong Sibling Bond

Kerr continued by alluding to the idea that Anne understands “who and what has shaped Charles.”

King Charles and Anne, Princess Royal pictured at the state funeral and burial of Queen Elizabeth II

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All of this clearly points to the idea that Charles greatly admires his sister, who has a burning desire to watch her brother succeed. 


The Princess Royal Performs Ceremonial Duties

The strength of their relationship is further emphasized by Anne’s role in Charles’ coronation, in which she took on the role of the Gold Stick in Waiting (via Town & Country). 

Princess Anne, Princess Royal, pictured in her role as Gold Stick-in-Waiting during Charles's coronation

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This tradition portrays Anne as a royal bodyguard to protect the monarch from danger. 


Watching Over Her Brother

According to Kerr, Princess Anne’s role at her brother’s coronation perfectly represents their relationship.

Princess Anne pictured alongside her brother, King Charles, during a funeral in London

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“She is the person the king has known longest … Anne is wise, intelligent, incredibly plugged into the modern United Kingdom. She understands completely who and what has shaped him and is eager for him to succeed,” he told Tatler


Preparing for a Big Year

While Anne is no stranger to hard work, having represented the Crown at over 500 events in the last year alone, the king’s temporary leaves of absence will further increase her duties.

An older woman pictured working from her desk as she writes down notes

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Undoubtedly, the Princess Royal will have been affected by the news of her brother. Yet she’s well aware that to be there for him is to ensure the royal duties are upheld. 


All in a Day’s Work

Princess Anne has one of the best schedules of any member of British royalty.

Two women pictured talking as they settle into work for the day

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One Thursday at the end of January saw her attend three major events in one day, including a visit to Cromer Station in Norfolk before finishing the day at HM Prison Norwich.


Anne’s Endless Achievements

While the Princess Royal is looked upon as the hardest-working royal, her achievements go beyond serving the crown. 

Princess Anne pictured riding her horse, Purple Star, in 1968

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She was the first-ever member of the British royalty to compete in the Olympics.


Montreal Olympic Games

In 1976, Princess Anne took part in The Games in Montreal to compete in the equestrian event. 

Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, pictured alongside her husband Mark Phillips at Burghley Horse Trials

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She rode Goodwill, a horse that belonged to the former queen, Elizabeth II. On a separate occasion, she put on a remarkable show at Buckingham Palace for South Korea, showing off her exemplary turns and skills on horseback.