How Meghan Markle Influenced Brittany Mahomes to ‘Completely Change’

By: Alec Donaldson | Published: Feb 29, 2024

Members of the British royal family are trendsetters in their own right. How the royals dress and act influences millions of people worldwide, including celebrities. 

Speaking in a recent interview with pop star Kelly Clarkson, Brittany Mahomes alludes that her recent style has been influenced by none other than the Duchess of Sussex.

Fashion Icons of the British Royal Family

From their early time in the royal family, both Princess Catherine and Meghan Markle have been considered fashion icons by the general public. 

Prince Harry pictured in a well-fitted blue suit beside his wife, Meghan Markle, in an elegant white coat

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Markle appears to have been influencing the fashion of other celebs long before she was associated with the royal family. 

Mahomes Revamps Her Entire Wardrobe

Brittany Mahomes, wife to Kansas City Chiefs football player Patrick Mahomes, has been making the rounds in the media in the wake of her newfound friendship with Taylor Swift.

Brittany Mahomes pictured alongside Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

Source: Brittanylynne/Instagram

Mahomes also recently found herself in the company of Kelly Clarkson for an interview at the end of January.

Rapid-Fire Questionnaire

The 28-year-old answered several questions during a rapid-fire piece for the show. 

Brittany Mahomes pictured speaking during an interview

Source: @KellyClarksonShow/Instagram

Brittany was asked, “What show are you currently bingeing?” to which she replied, “Suits.”

The Era of Suits

For those who don’t know, “Suits follows the life of Mike Ross, who manages to land a job at a prestigious law firm despite having never attended law school. 

A lawyer pictured writing in his journal while he is seated at a wooden desk

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The show became one of the most popular of its era thanks to stars like Patrick J. Adams and, of course, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Clarkson Shares the Reel on Instagram

The short video of Brittany was later shared to Kelly Clarkson’s Instagram page, captioned with “Pregame warmup.”

Brittany Mahomes pictured during a portion of her interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show

Source: @KellyClarksonShow/Instagram

The post has since racked up over 90,000 likes.


Brittany Draws Inspiration from Suits

In one portion of the short reel, Mahomes reveals that someone on the show inspired her to change her style.

A woman pictured on a circular seat in the middle of her walk-in wardrobe

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“And it has inspired me to completely change my wardrobe,” she said.


Fans Speculate on Mahomes’ Answer

While Mahomes didn’t reveal who exactly motivated her to change her wardrobe, fans began to speculate online.

Brittany Mahome pictured holding her young child during a Chiefs game

Source: @Brittanylynne/Instagram

Many were quick to suggest it was none other than the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who was behind her change-up (via SheKnows).


Sleek Black Look

Meghan Markle, who starred as Rachel Zane on the show for seven years, often appeared in dark and sleek attire on screen. 

Meghan Markle pictured in a long brown coat during an event

Source: @jammierooroo/X

When Mahomes appeared on the show with Clarkson, this was precisely the look she rocked.


Markle Retires from Acting

Having fallen in love with the British prince, Harry, Meghan decided to retire from acting in 2018. 

Meghan Markle stands in the middle of Queen Elizabeth on one side and Prince Harry on the other

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The couple later got married in 2020 before stepping down from their royal roles just two years later and moving back to Meghan’s home state of California. 


Rumors of Markle's Return to the Screen

“Suits” was added to Netflix in 2023 and has seen a resurgence in viewers, which led to an announcement from NBCUniversal that the show will officially be getting a reboot, according to ScreenRant. 

Prince Harry pictured in a sleek dark suit alongside his wife, Meghan Markle

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In the wake of the announcement, fans couldn’t help but wonder whether or not Markle would return to the show, even if it was just for a few short cameos.


Meghan Offered Mega-Deal to Return to Acting

According to reports from The Mirror, Meghan was offered “one of the biggest TV deals” of 2024 to return for the “Suits” reboot.

A film crew is pictured as they shoot a small scene inside a production studio

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However, Richard Fitzwilliam, a revered royal commentator, suggests that Meghan would be “going backward.” He continued, “There is no indication she can become a Hollywood star.”