Harry and Meghan Plan on 2024 Being Their Year of Redemption

By: Alec Donaldson | Published: Jan 05, 2024

2023 was quite the year for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Starting in January with headlines over his memoir, Spare, and continuing in May amid swirling rumors of lies about a car crash, many in mainstream media hope that 2024 will look up for the couple. 

Could the fresh start of 2024 already be affecting the couple? Here’s what we know, and what might happen this year for our favorite royals.

The Fresh Start Began in Mid-December

December is generally regarded as a time for holiday cheer and joy — and Prince Harry likely experienced that in his own way at the close of 2023. 

Prince Harry is shown walking out of the courthouse post-win.

Source: Reddit

A phone hacking lawsuit that Harry had pursued against British journalists settled, earning him a lump sum of $180,000 just ahead of the holiday season.

“Us” and the Marriage Statement

Many tabloids were caught reporting on the affairs and status of Harry and Meghan’s marriage in 2023, as well as the multiple business deals dissolved that same year. 

Headlines about Harry and Megan’s marriage are shown.

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Us magazine notes that close sources have confirmed the couple is receiving numerous business offers from global entities and that their marriage is perfectly fine. 

What Opportunities Could Open Up in 2024?

One source was quoted telling Us that the duo is in “high demand” and they are currently being considered for collaborations and speaking arrangements. 

Megan is pictured in her podcast studio for an Archytypes recording.

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This means the couple could get a restart in the world of entertainment, which could take the form of movies, shows, documentaries, and podcasts. 

Could a Move Be in the Cards?

The same source suggested that Harry and Meghan may choose to move to Los Angeles from their current home in Montecito.

An exterior shot of Harry and Megan’s home is shown.

Source: Reddit

While the motive for the move is currently yet to be confirmed, the source hypothesized it could have to do with the influx of invites from members of the entertainment industry, putting them closer to more opportunities.

Add on a Possible Media Deal, According to This Source

A second close source spoke to Us, corroborating claims from the first source and adding on a few of their own. They noted that Meghan’s team is “shocked” by how popular both Harry and Meghan are still. 

Megan is shown pictured next to makeup (right) and media (left) to indicate her possible scope of deals.

Source: Reddit/Canva

They also note that the former duchess may be working on a media deal, as well as multi-million dollar collaboration opportunities with high-level beauty brands. 


Don’t Forget the Philanthropy

Harry and Meghan, despite the major changes that have gone on for them in the past few years, publicly remain committed to supporting their local communities. 

The Archewell logo (left) is shown next to an image of Megan and Harry (right).

Source: Reddit/Instagram

This was highlighted by the launch of the Archewell Foundation in 2020 — the values of which Meghan ensures she is in alignment with in every area of her life, according to the second source to Us.


What Is the Archewell Foundation Doing Right Now?

Currently, one of the primary areas of focus within the Archewell Project is the launch of Meghan’s Welcome Project. 

Archewell Foundation Impact Report

Source: Reddit

This project has a core focus on teaching women programming and STEM skills so they can make a living. It specifically focuses on the education and support of Afgan women who have been resettled. 


Back to Blogging: Could We See the Tig Back Online?

Before marrying Harry and becoming a royal herself, Meghan Markle was a well-known blogger who had launched her own lifestyle blog — affectionately known by many as The Tig. 

The Tig is pictured above with a sample article.

Source: Reddit

A close source has confirmed to Us that Meghan is considering bringing back the blog, with the potential of launching it into a full-scale lifestyle brand. 


What About Acting?

After confirming the details about The Tig to Us, the source went on to say that Meghan Markle could very well return to the silver screen. 

Megan Markle poses with her Suits squad.

Source: Pinterest

Suits has seen a recent return to fame as a new generation begins to discover the show. And several higher-level sources in Hollywood have teased at the idea of a Suits reunion of sorts — just like we saw with Friends in 2021.


Something More Could Be in the Works

Meghan Markle is a multitalented individual. Beyond her dynamic acting career and her experience in the palace, she might also seek to add “director and producer” to her resume.

An Instagram announcement from Carley Fortune is pictured announcing the acquisition.

Source: Reddit

A source spoke to Us, confirming her interest in doing so — and also noted that she and Harry had acquired the rights to Meet Me at the Lake.


"Meet Me at the Lake" in 2024

This acquisition signals that Harry and Meghan will be adapting the book for Netflix, per Us — which is news that is a happy surprise to fans of the couple and to book lovers alike. 

Megan and Harry pose against a blue backdrop.

Source: Reddit

“I (couldn’t) imagine a more perfect partnership,” Carley Fortune confirmed to Us.