How Can Beatrice and Eugenie Step Up for King Charles?

By: Alec Donaldson | Published: Feb 25, 2024

The British royal family has been under immense pressure in recent months as many senior members, including King Charles, have been forced to take a leave of absence.

Now, various correspondents and commentators are calling for minor royals such as Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice to step up and help out during the turbulent period. 

Members of the Royal Family Forced to Take a Hiatus

Over the past few months, several members of British royalty have been forced to take a hiatus due to hospital procedures and illnesses. 

Catherine, Princess of Wales, is pictured in a purple suit as she attends an event in London

Source: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Princess Catherine underwent a serious abdominal surgery and will need several months to recover. Now, with King Charles and Sarah Ferguson’s cancer diagnosis, those available for royal duties have been greatly reduced.

Who's Left to Take on Duties?

With King Charles and Princess Catherine sidelined for the foreseeable future, Harry and Meghan’s move away from duties, and Prince Andrew’s shattered public image, the royal family has been stretched thin. 

Princess Eugenie of York and Princess Beatrice of York pictured as they attend Louis Vuittons Celebration

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The workhorse Princess Anne will undoubtedly pick up some of the slack. So will Prince William and Queen Camilla. However, others suggest it’s time to hand off more responsibility to younger members of the family, including the princess sisters Eugenie and Beatrice. 

The Next Generation of the Royal Family

The royal family may also call on less senior members, such as Lady Louise Windsor and her mother, Sophie, to take on some extra duties. 

Lady Louise Windsor pictured as she takes part in the 'Pol Roger Meet of The British Driving Society'

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The daughters of the disgraced Prince Andrew, Beatrice and Eugenie, may also be called into action during this tumultuous period.

Fewer Young Royals Are Available

Speaking with The Daily Mail, Phil Dampier, a royal commentator, says that fewer young royals are available to pick up the extra duties.

Prince George of Wales, Prince William, Prince of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales, Prince Louis of Wales, and Catharine, Princess of Wales, pictured as they attend an event

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“All of a sudden, with these health problems we have, it’s looking very, very threadbare,” he said

Lady Louise Windsor

The daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, Lady Louise Windsor, is set to turn 21 in 2024.

Lady Louise Windsor pictured wearing a grey coat accompanied by a brooch

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While she could help ease the pressure of duties, it’s unclear whether Beatrice and Eugenie will be called upon to assist.


Prince Andrew's Relationship with Epstein

Given their father’s close relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, it’s “more difficult” for his daughters to become involved with the royal family’s duties, according to Dampier.

Prince Andrew photographed from the side wearing a blue coat

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However, they could take on “minor roles,” which would help to ease the pressure on the other royals.


The Duchess of Edinburgh

Dampier believes Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, has been doing a “very good job” recently. 

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, pictured as she walks to the Christmas Morning Service at Sandringham Church

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The royal commentator believes Sophie could increase her workload and would like to see her “upping her game and doing a bit more.”


Calling Upon Lady Windsor to Step Up

Speaking on Sophie’s daughter, Louise, Dampier said, “I certainly think there could be a very good role for their daughter Louise Windsor, who has previously chosen not to take a title.”

Lady Louise Windsor pictured alongside her mother, Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh

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“Everyone who knows her says she’s extremely personable and very intelligent, and she would do a very, very good job,” he continued


Pressure Building for William

Richard Fitzwilliam, another commentator, told The Daily Mail that the added pressure being placed on Prince William may start to affect him negatively.

Britain's Prince William, Prince of Wales, pictured as he leaves the stage after giving a speech

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“It’s a tremendous pressure on Prince William as his father has cancer and his wife is recovering from abdominal surgery, and he will be expected to do more engagements,” he said.


Royals Are Humans Too

During his talk with The Daily Mail, Fitzwilliam tried to remind the public that the members of British royalty are humans like everyone else.

Prince William, Prince of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales and Prince George of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales, pictured as they walk to an event

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“People forget that the royals are humans; in fact, they’re only too human, as we’ve just found out,” he said


Eugenie and Beatrice Are Out of the Picture

Fitzwilliam went on to suggest that Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice are unlikely to be given any important duties due to their father’s association with Epstein.

Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie, and Princess Beatrice photographed together during an equestrian event

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“This is a completely unprecedented situation where we are, and I don’t see any simple solution to it,” said Fitzwilliam.