Burger King’s Restaurant Revamp Is Working

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: May 06, 2024

Restaurant Brands International is putting even more money into revamping Burger King, as there are already signs that this remodeling endeavor is working in Burger King’s favor.

According to RBI, they will now put another $300 million into remodeling Burger King locations throughout the United States. 

Another $300 Million

RBI, the parent company of Burger King, has announced it will invest an additional $300 million as it strives to remodel 1,100 fast-food restaurants located throughout the U.S.

A close-up of a Burger King meal on a tray.

Source: Jacky Watt/Unsplash

This investment is all part of RBI’s intent to bring a turnaround in sales for Burger King. So far, it appears their extra investments in Burger King have worked in RBI’s favor. 

The Beginning of BK’s Strategy

This plan to revitalize Burger King began more than a year and a half ago. RBI declared that they would invest $250 million into Burger King.

A Burger King logo against a white background.

Source: Wesley Shen/Unsplash

This money was fully dedicated to renovating and remodeling various Burger King restaurants around the country. These locations have seen an upgrade in equipment and technology, as well as a new modern facade. 

Bettering Burger King’s App

However, that’s not all this initial $250 million was intended to do. This massive amount of money was also designed to better the fast food restaurant’s mobile app.

A person using their phone against a black background.

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This money also went to advertising, to help increase the amount of customer traffic seen at Burger King locations.

Seeing Results

Already, it appears that RBI has seen major results in its investments. Burger King’s U.S. President Tom Curtis explained how these early results have impacted business.

A close-up of a Burger King sign on a modern building.

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“It was the first time in a long time that RBI had invested a significant amount of capital back into the business to co-invest with franchisees,” Curtis said. “I think the process was, ‘Let’s see how this works’… and we’re seeing early results on remodels.”

New, Remodeled Burger Kings

This remodeling process has resulted in about 100 Burger Kings already having a new, modern design. Already, sales have lifted in the areas where this revamping has been completed.

A close-up of a Burger King sign against a clear daytime sky.

Source: Pablo de la Fuente/Unsplash

As these updated locations have seen a rise in sales, RBI is hoping these increases in sales will continue as the rest of Burger King’s locations are revitalized.


A “Sizzle” Design

According to the company, these Burger King remodels all have a new “Sizzle” design. This new modern facade includes a brand new drive-thru pickup area for mobile orders.

A modern Burger King restaurant seen at night.

Source: TaurusEmerald/Wikimedia Commons

This revamping also has self-order kiosks for customers to order their chosen menu items themselves. 


Buying Franchisees

This isn’t the only major move RBI has made recently. In January, RBI bought Carrols Restaurant Group, the U.S.’s largest Burger King franchisee, for $1 billion.

KFC and Burger King signs on a building in disrepair.

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Now, Burger King fully controls these 600 locations of Carrols’. This purchase was made to further speed up their remodeling goals for all Burger King locations. 


Remodeling An Additional 600 Locations

Now that Burger King fully controls these additional locations, they have to remodel about 600 restaurants.

An old Burger King restaurant seen in Palm Springs, California.

Source: Paul Sableman/Wikimedia Commons

To quickly get this done, RBI has estimated that they will spend about $500 million to remodel and update all 600 of these Burger Kings. 


A $2.2 Billion Investment

In total, RBI has willingly invested about $2.2 billion in trying to revitalize Burger King throughout the United States. 

A modern Burger King building seen in the daytime in Gulf Shores.

Source: deathpallie325/Wikimedia Commons

While the parent company may want to move quickly to revamp its many U.S. locations, it may be a few years before this whole strategy is completed. According to RBI, about 85% to 90% of all its restaurants in the U.S. should have a new, modern design by at least 2028.


Convincing Franchisees to Remodel

As remodeling can be an incredibly costly business move, Burger King is working to better convince its franchisees to shutter its doors temporarily to allow this reconstruction to take place.

An old Burger King restaurant seen in Bakersfield, California.

Source: TaurusEmerald/Wikimedia Commons

Franchisees who agree to remodel their Burger King locations will be able to receive money from the company once the remodeling is fully complete. In this way, Burger King is trying to incentivize its franchisees to remodel.


Continuing to Spread Influence

Though some franchisees may be willing to revamp thanks to this incentive, it appears others are holding out. As a result, Curtis revealed he would be going to various locations around the country soon to try to pitch this remodeling process to franchise owners.

A modern Burger King building seen in Indiana in the daytime.

Source: deathpallie325/Wikimedia Commons

With this additional $300 million investment from RBI, Curtis hopes to further convince Burger King franchisees to remodel.