Another Royal Took Time Off During Kate Middleton and King Charles’ Recovery

By: Carol Kingston | Published: Mar 02, 2024

King Charles III and the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, underwent medical procedures in January, forcing them to take time away from their royal duties.

Recently, Prince Edward has also announced he will be taking time off following a lengthy overseas trip, leaving many to wonder who’s left to take care of the royal duties.

British Royals Forced to Take Time Off

The new year has already forced three royals to take time off due to surgical procedures and illnesses.

King Charles III is pictured as he stands after being crowned during his coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey, in London, England.

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King Charles and Princess Catherine underwent procedures that will leave them sidelined. Meanwhile, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, recently had a cancer scare that has also led her to retreat from the public eye.

Separate Statements on Royals' Health

On Jan. 17, royal officials released separate statements to inform the public of the forthcoming absence of both Charles and Catherine.

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While Charles aims to make a speedy recovery, Kate may be out of action for several more months. The official statement said, “Based on the current medical advice, she is unlikely to return to public duties after Easter” (via People).

Prince William Steps Away to Spend Time with Family

According to People, Prince William has also taken a step back from royal duties while his wife recovers from her abdominal surgery.

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Now, another member of British royalty has announced they are in need of a break following an overseas trip.

Prince Plans to Take a Short Break

Prince Edward recently returned from an overseas trip in South Africa and now plans to retreat from royal duties for a while.

Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, pictured alongside Prince Andrew at Sandringham Church

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According to The Telegraph, Prince Edward is taking “a short break from public duties after his trips overseas in January to South Africa and St. Helena.”

Busy Trips to Overseas Territories

During his trip to the Commonwealth nation of South Africa, the Duke of Edinburgh spent four days fulfilling various royal duties.

Prince Edwards kneels down beside a giant tortoise during his trip to St. Helena

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Prince Edward also visited the British overseas territory of St. Helena before he traveled back to the U.K.


Standard Break for British Royals

Typically, when a royal family member returns from an overseas venture, they will take a short break from duties.

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Us Weekly wrote that the Duke of Edinburgh didn’t make another public appearance until he attended a reception at the Institute of Physics in February.


Female Royals Set to Take on Extra

With many familiar royal faces sidelined for February, members of British royals, including Queen Camilla, Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, and Princess Anne, will pick up the slack.

Queen Camilla pictured alongside dancer Johannes Radebe, who presents her with a pair of tap dancing shoes

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All three women have hefty schedules in the coming weeks during the absence of King Charles and Princess Catherine.


Princess Anne Opens New Facility

Known as a workhorse for the royal family, Princess Anne will continue to make several appearances throughout the coming months.

Princess Anne pictured during her trip to the Riding for the Disabled’s Reaseheath Equestrian College.

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At the end of January, she was pictured opening new facilities at Riding for the Disabled’s Reaseheath Equestrian College.


Queen Camilla Makes Several Solo Trips

Britain’s new queen consort, Camilla, is no stranger to royal duties.

Queen Camilla pictured in a green coat as she waves to the camera during an event

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Recently, she’s made several solo trips, from visiting a hospital just before World Cancer Day to celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Queen Mary’s Doll House; Queen Camilla has remained as busy as ever in the wake of her husband’s absence.


Sophie Does Her Part

Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh and wife of Prince Edward, is also taking on her fair share of royal duties during the absence of King Charles and Princess Catherine.

Countess of Wessex, Sophie, is pictured in a thick jacket as she makes a trip to London Zoo

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Recently, she ventured to London to pay a visit to Harris Girls’ Academy and gave a short talk on the importance of menstrual health.


King Charles Will Soon Return

After a successful procedure, the king left the private clinic in London through the front doors and even waved to bystanders. It appears Charles won’t need an extended recovery period and will likely return to his royal duties in no time.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla, accompanied by The Reverend Canon Dr Paul Williams, attend the Sunday service at the Church of St Mary Magdalene

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Buckingham Palace released a statement and said, “The king was this afternoon discharged from hospital following planned medical treatment and has rescheduled forthcoming public engagements to allow for a period of private recuperation.”