Toddler Was Frightened of a “Monster” Behind the Wall—Turned Out to be 50,000 Bees

By: Alyssa Miller | Published: May 07, 2024

Almost all of us have heard an unexplainable noise while getting ready for bed. We don’t believe in monsters under the bed, but a little girl in North Carolina believed that one was lurking behind her wall.

A little girl heard noises from the wall near the closet for eight months. When her mother investigated the sound, she was stunned to find a massive bee hive.

The Buzzing Monster in the Walls

According to NBC News, Ashley Class, the mother of the toddler who heard the sounds of bees buzzing, discovered the hive in the attic of her century-old farmhouse.

A spotlight on a group of bees in a wall

Source: classashley/TikTok

Beekeeper Curtis Collins came to the house and used a thermal camera to locate all the places where the beehive extended.

The Massive Hive

“I kid you not, it lit up like Christmas in the wall right next to my daughter’s closet,” Class recalled about seeing the thermal imaging. “When I first thought it was like a man in the wall, I was really startled.”

An infrared image of a bee hive in a wall

Source: classashley/TikTok

Following the extensive images captured of the beehive, Collins began extracting the beehive.

The Hive Weighted Over 100 Pounds

Collins’s extraction efforts took over several days as he carefully removed more than 100 pounds from the attic and the walls.

Top View of Bees Putting Honey

Source: Pixabay/Pexels

“It was like an apocalypse, is all I can think about,” Class said. “It’s just all these bees that started flying out.”

Beekeeper Removes 50,000 Bees

The beekeeper told NBC News that the hive, which housed more than 50,000 bees, was twice the size of any other hive he has removed.

Brown-and-black Bee Lot

Source: Pixabay/Pexels

Collins also worked to save as much of the swarm as possible. “It’s all a process to try to save the bees, and keep the hive going,” Collins told NBC News.

The Monster Is Gone

Class and her daughter, who had complained of hearing monsters in her wall at night, are glad to see the bees gone.

Crop farmer taking honeycomb from beehive

Source: Anete Lusina/Pexels

“She looked straight at him and said, ‘He’s not a beekeeper. He’s a monster hunter,'” Class told NBC News.


Class Documents the Removal

Class chronicled the entire discovery and removal process on her TikTok page. One video, which gained over 9 million views, showed the bees who did not survive the removal, the honey oozing from the ceiling, and other damages done to the house by the hive.

A Woman Recording Herself with a Smartphone

Source: Ivan Samkov/Pexels

Unfortunately, for Class and her family, insurance is not covering the estimated $20,000 in damages.


Insurance Doesn’t Cover Bee Damage

Most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover the removal and damages caused by pest infestations from termites, bed bugs, or—in this case—bees.

A hive of bees in between a crack in a wall

Source: Johann Piber/Pexels

Some insurance policies do cover beehive removal, but most homeowners don’t anticipate a hive weighing up to 100 pounds finding its way into their walls.


Is There a Beehive In Your Home? 

While hives can start small, making them unnoticeable to people in the house, they can quickly grow in size and become quite a nuisance due to the noise they produce.

A close up of a beekeeper handing bees

Source: FRANK MERIÑO/Pexels

Some ways homeowners can identify if they have unwelcome visitors in their homes are by spotting a bee in the house, listening closely to the wall, or placing a hand against the wall to feel for vibrations.


What To Do If Bees Are in Your Home

While it may be unnerving to have a bee in the house, they will typically leave you alone as they go about their busy work.

Unrecognizable beekeeper harvesting honey in backyard

Source: Anete Lusina/Pexels

Bees are important to ecology and every aspect of food production. While, yes, it is unnerving to have a bee in the house, they will typically leave you alone as they go about their busy work.


Call a Local Beekeeper

Instead of panicking, try to find a local beekeeper who can come and extract the bees from the home. These beekeepers set up a plastic tent around the area of the house the bees are in to keep them from flying to other parts of the house.

Person Holding Beehive Frame

Source: Laurel Gougler/Pexels

Then, they cut open the wall and suck up the bees into a special vacuum that collects them along with the remaining hive and honeycomb.


The Lingering Effects of a Bee Hive

If done correctly, the beekeeper won’t leave a big mess behind. There will likely be a lingering wax and honey smell filling the house. Other smells might come with a bigger hive, but every situation is different.

Shallow Focus Photography of Honeybee

Source: Anton Atanasov/Pexels

If you believe bees are in your walls, reaching out to your insurance to check for coverage is the best course of action. If not, find a local beekeeper who will be more than glad to remove the bees for you!