The Most Ridiculous Royal Hats Ever

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Apr 04, 2024

The Royal Meeting held at the Royal Ascot racecourse is a social event the British public looks forward to each summer. 

Centered on horse racing, the event is a chance for the public to show off their fashion sense in the company of British royalty. However, in line with traditional British humor, many women go over the top when it comes to the compulsory hats. 

A Day at the Races

Each year in June, the Royal Ascot holds an event called The Royal Meeting in Berkshire, England. 

A woman is pictured on the back of a large brown horse

Source: Freepik

The four-day social and fashion event garners an audience of around 300,000 people each year, including the royal family.

Horrible Hats at the Royal Ascot Racecourse

The event encourages women to dress in smart daywear, which typically takes the form of elegant and fashionable dresses. It’s compulsory for women to pair their outfits with a hat or fascinator. 

A photograph of the Royal Ascot race course taken from the stands

Source: Wikimedia

While many opt for sleek and subtle hats, others want to leave a lasting impression by donning truly ridiculous headpieces. Here are some of the worst hats ever pictured at the Royal Ascot. 

Making Flags Fashionable

During one event held at the esteemed Royal Ascot course, a woman decided to take patriotism to a whole new level. 

Photograph of a woman in a red dress wearing a hat with an English flag on it

Source: Wonder World Tube/YouTube

The woman paired a stylish red dress with a hat that resembles a soccer net, which has an English flag at its center. 

The World's Largest Ashtray

One woman took her love of smoking to a whole new level by creating a hat in the shape of an enormous ashtray. 

A woman pictured wearing a hat that resembles an ashtray with a cigarette

Source: Wonder World Tube/YouTube

Undoubtedly, this particular hat garnered the attention of various people at the racecourse for its unique design. 

Taking Your Favorite Meal to the Racecourse

We all have a favorite meal we love to talk about or eat if given a chance. 

A woman pictured wearing a hat that resembles a plate of spaghetti bolognese

Source: Wonder World Tube/YouTube

One woman’s apparent love for Italian food took things a step further as she was pictured wearing a hat that portrays a plate of spaghetti Bolognese. 


Terrifying Octopus Hat

While some hats are just ridiculous, others go as far as downright disturbing.

A woman pictured in a black dress dons a hat that resembles the tentacles of an octopus

Source: EMAG/YouTube

If looked at in the wrong light, this hat could be mistaken for the tentacles of an octopus. 


Toothpaste Inspired Hat

We’ve all gotten to the end of a tube of toothpaste, only to fold it in on itself to squeeze out the last few drops.

A woman pictured wearing a hat that resembles an empty toothpaste tube at the Royal Ascot Event

Source: Wonder World Tube/YouTube

Maybe that’s what inspired this unusual hat worn by a woman at the Royal Ascot event. 


A Hat Fit for a Fairy Queen

One woman decided to take inspiration from nature during her day out at the races, as she was pictured wearing an unusual butterfly-shaped hat at the popular event. 

Woman pictured smiling, wearing a hat shaped like a butterfly

Source: Wonder World Tube/YouTube

While fairly realistic, we don’t think she won any fashion contests that day. 


Woman’s Hat Is Dedicated to the World Cup

Back in 2018, a woman decided to show her love for soccer by wearing a world-cup-themed hat.

A woman dressed in a red outfit shows off her soccer-inspired hat at the Royal Ascot event

Source: EMAG/YouTube

The woman, dressed in a well-fitted red dress, accompanied her outfit with a hat inspired by an English soccer player. It’s safe to say the Brits love their game. 


Captain of the Racecourse

Many hats worn during the Royal Ascot event are subtle and sleek. Others are tiny and downright ridiculous.

A woman pictured wearing a small airplane as a hat

Source: Wonder World Tube/YouTube

This one belongs to the latter category. This woman meticulously crafted her hat to take on the shape of a small airplane.


A Day of Fun and Laughter

While many of the hats could be considered ridiculous or unusual, it’s all part of the fun day out. 

A woman pictured in a hat that's shaped like an enormous sunflower

Source: Wonder World Tube/YouTube

No doubt, as the prestigious event continues over the next few years, we’ll see people continue to wear ridiculous and downright disturbing hats at the Royal Ascot racecourse.