Republican Rep Nancy Mace’s Entire Staff Resigns Due to Toxic Work Environment

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: May 07, 2024

Republican Representative Nancy Mace’s office has experienced a complete turnover of staff in less than a year, with rumors suggesting the work environment was “toxic” and “abusive.”

Now, Mace’s recently fired former chief of staff has decided to run against his former boss in the congressional primary.

Nancy Mace, US Representative for South Carolina

Nancy Ruth Mace has served as a US representative for South Carolina’s 1st congressional for nearly three years.

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While Mace undoubtedly aspired to better the communities she represents, the South Carolina representative appears to have more significant problems, as rumors suggest no one wants to work for her, per Business Insider.

Staff Turnover in Rep. Nancy Mace’s Office

In April, The Daily Beast reported that Hill’s has experienced an entire turnover in staff since November 1.

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Eight of the nine staff members on her payroll allegedly quit, while Dan Hanlon, Mace’s former chief of staff, was fired.

Hanlon Running Against Former Boss

According to a report from The Washington Post, Hanlon is now running against Mace to represent South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District.

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Hanlon appears to have been motivated to run for office by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, whom Mace had previously voted to remove from GOP leadership.

Who Left Mace’s Office Behind

Those who decided to leave Mace’s office of their own free included Richard Chalkey, her deputy chief of staff; Randal Meyer, her legislative director; and Will Hampson, her communications director.

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According to the former staff members who spoke with the Daily Beast, they all had good reasons to leave the office behind them.

Employees Call Mace’s Office “Toxic”

Rumors suggest Mace’s office had gained a “toxic” reputation, with several former employees claiming they worked long hours and were often given unrealistic expectations.

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Worse of all, many of Mace’s former employees claim she was an abusive leader.


No Break for Former Mace Employees

According to one of Mace’s former senior staff members, “The member was abusive,” which especially pointed to Mace contacting her staff through software like

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While Monday.Com is technically an unauthorized software system, the former employee claims she would use it to “micromanage the office all day and into the night and early morning.”


Mace Complains About Lack of TV Time During Christmas Week

A separate member of staff recalled a moment when Mace called close to midnight on Christmas Eve to complain that she hadn’t been getting enough TV time.

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“If she needed us, we had to answer within eight minutes,” this staffer said, clarifying that the eight-minute timeframe was actually a “rule.”


GOP Rep. Is Delusional

According to the former employee, “Nancy is delusional as a boss.”

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They continued, “She says nothing publicly without her consultants or senior staffers telling her to, but takes credit for everything. She’s a walking teleprompter.”


Rep. Mace Has Accomplished Nothing in Congress, Says Former Employee

The former member of Mace’s staff went on to suggest Mace has accomplished nothing in Congress.

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Mace “has no idea what it actually means to be a member of Congress and is too scared and self-conscious to deal with other people, so she accomplished nothing.”


The South Carolina Rep Is Seen as a Joke, Says Former Employee

“All this is why pretty much every staffer and fellow member on the Hill thinks she’s a joke,” this ex-employee said.

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“Also a big reason why she’s only able to hire former George Santos staffers right now.”


Mace’s Office Responds to Turnover

In response to the turnover, Mace’s new chief of staff, Lori Khatod, downplayed the rumors, suggesting the complete reshuffle of employees was a “non-issue.”

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“​​New coach, new team in the DC office,” Khatod said in a text message.


Commencement Address at The Citadel

Aside from the staff exodus, Mace addressed graduates at The Citadel, marking 25 years since she graduated magna cum laude.

Overlooking The Citadel

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In her speech, she celebrated the progress of women, saying, “As women, we hear a great deal about glass ceilings. But glass is meant to be broken. So, shatter it to pieces.”


Leadership and Strength

In her commencement speech, Mace emphasized the indispensable role of strength in leadership.

College students graduating. They are throwing their graduation caps in the air, which are black with red tassels, and are next to a building.

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She stated, “Whether you end up as the president of a company, president of a university, or president of the United States, strength is an indispensable ingredient of a respected leader.”


Female Cadets at The Citadel

Since Mace’s graduation, the number of women in The Citadel’s Corps of Cadets has grown to about 13%.

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Mace used her platform to inspire the female cadets, urging them to “let your legacy inspire the women coming after you.”


Political Impact and Advocacy

Mace also recently discussed her views amid widespread protests.

Protests regarding the Israel and Gaza conflict in the Middle East. Many of the people in the crowd are holding Palestine flags.

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Her stance reflects her belief in strong leadership, particularly in challenging times, highlighting the ongoing conflicts and protests as evidence that “without discipline, there is no strength.”


Controversy Over Pro-Palestine Protests

Mace sparked controversy by suggesting that George Soros funded campus protests, a claim met with skepticism by media figures like Neil Cavuto, who remarked, “There’s no proof that these are funded by George Soros.”

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“I just looked for the checks and I haven’t seen them yet,” stated Cavuto the Fox News anchor.


Mace's Media Strategy

During the televised discussion, Mace firmly opposed the idea of universities negotiating with protesters. She advocated instead for drastic measures such as expulsions and deportations for students involved in violent protests.

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“While they want disclosure and divestment, I want firings,” stated Mace. “I want people to be expelled. I want those who are here illegally or here on a student visa and participating in these things deported.”


Addressing Campus Unrest

Referencing the recent campus protests, Mace highlighted the need for firm leadership, asserting the importance of maintaining order.

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She criticized the violent methods of some protests, such as building occupations at Columbia University.


University Policies and Free Speech

Mace’s outspoken views on protests raise questions about the balance between security and free speech on campuses.

A twilight view of a protest at Columbia University showing people amongst sleeping bags and personal items scattered across the lawn with buildings in the background

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Her stance suggests a preference for stringent actions over dialogue, potentially influencing university policies nationwide.


Public and Political Reactions

Mace’s comments have elicited varied reactions, from support within certain political circles to criticism for contributing to divisive rhetoric.

A large group of people sitting on blankets and lawn chairs in front of Columbia University's Low Memorial Library, with some holding umbrellas and flags during a protest

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Her firm stance reflects broader national debates over handling campus protests and foreign policy.


Media Interactions and Public Image

Rep. Mace’s frequent media appearances and bold statements are helping to shape her public image.

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Her approach to addressing complex issues through media channels emphasized her strategy to influence public opinion and political discourse.


Political Standing and Re-election Campaign

As Mace runs for re-election, her political rhetoric and handling of controversial issues will continue to play a critical role.

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Her advocacy for strong leadership and discipline are central themes in her campaign, resonating with certain voter bases while starkly alienating others.


Future Outlook and Leadership Role

Looking forward, Mace’s leadership role in Congress and political views will likely continue to garner both support and criticism. Her vocal stance on controversial issues may solidify her position as a strong conservative leader, but could also hinder potential for any sort of bipartisan collaboration.

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As she navigates the complexities of politics and activism, her actions will be closely watched by both her constituents and the nation at large.