You Can Try Some of Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Products

By: Beth Moreton | Published: Feb 25, 2024

Before her death in September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II was widely regarded for how good she looked at the age of 96.

A lot of this is down to the products she used regularly, with all of the companies being given a Royal Warrant, which indicated that they regularly supplied her with her favorite products.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

According to Best Products, Queen Elizabeth had radiant skin, and one of the reasons behind this was the cream that she used.

An image of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. The bottle of cream is lying down on a white table and the lid has been taken off it and placed to the side of the bottle. The lid is red.

Source: Elizabeth Arden/YouTube

She used this day and night, and with its petroleum and vitamin E extracts, it helps to soothe dry skin. It can be bought for $29 from Amazon.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick

The late queen was known to regularly be wearing some of Elizabeth Arden’s lipsticks; however, the exact shade she would wear isn’t actually known.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick. The shade of the lipstick is pink and the packaging is gold and silver.

Source: IRB [iReview Beauty]/YouTube

Despite this, many pictures of the queen show her often wearing light shades of pink on her lips. Regardless of whether you go for a pink shade or not, this product will cost you $26 from Elizabeth Arden’s website. 

Clarins Ever Matte Shine Control Mineral Powder Compact

With her busy schedule and sometimes having to attend multiple events in one day, Queen Elizabeth needed a product that was long-lasting and would prevent shine.

Clarins Ever Matte Shine Control Mineral Powder Compact. The powder is in gold packaging and has a ‘Clarins’ mark in the powder.

Source: IRB [iReview Beauty]/YouTube

She was a long user of Clarins, as the company commissioned a lipstick specifically for her coronation, according to The Telegraph. To get a makeup base look just like the queen’s, this powder compact will cost you $36 at Macy’s.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

Not one to just stop at their makeup, the queen also liked to use some of Clarins’ skin care products as well, including their hand and nail cream.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment bottle and box packaging. They are laid out on a silver sparkly background. The packaging is white and the writing is red.

Source: jasmin.dahlia/Instagram

According to Town & Country, the late queen never ran out of this hand cream. However, to get hands like the queen’s, it will cost you $30 at Sephora. 

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers

This nail polish was a favorite of the late queen, so much so that she even wrote to them in 1989, requesting a bottle, per Hello! Magazine.

Essie nail polish in Ballet Slipper. The person is holding the nail polish with the applicator outside of the bottle. The shade is a very light pink.

Source: Perfect Nails at Home/YouTube

She only ever wore it in the shade “Ballet Slippers,” and it’s one of the cheaper products that she used, as it will only cost $8 at Ulta Beauty.


Floris London White Rose Eau de Toilette

While looking good as a monarch is important, smelling good is also important, especially when constantly having to be surrounded by many people.

Three of Generic Floris London’s perfumes. There is Lily of the Valley, Limes, and White Rose. The bottles are clear and have a gold lid with a blue label.

Source: Scented Happiness/YouTube

The late queen’s scent of choice was “White Rose” from Floris London. However, this is one of her pricier products, and it will cost you $132 from Amazon.


Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Bath and Shower Gel

According to Molton Brown’s website, one reason why consumers should buy their products (other than the quality) is the Royal Warrant they were awarded by the late queen.

Some of Molton Brown’s bath and shower gels. There is Heavenly Ginger, Jasmine and Sun Rose, and Deliciously Rhubarb and Rose. The bottles are clear and have silver tops on. There are some gret towels and a white vase in the background. The bottles are on a white plate.

Source: parfumerie_stumpf/Instagram

Whilst the exact scent of the products Queen Elizabeth used isn’t exactly known, she was known for liking a rose scent, so this is believed to have been her favorite product. You can buy a bottle of theirs for $32 at Blue Mercury.


Kent Oval Cherry Wood Hairbrush

The queen’s hair was often widely regarded as not having a bit out of place, and as reported by The Telegraph, her hair never changed over her 70-year reign.

Kent Oval Cherry Wood Hairbrush. The brush is made of wood and has brown crystals. It has a black stamp on the handle that says ‘Kent’.

Source: IRB [iReview Beauty]/YouTube

However, if you also want to make sure your hair looks impeccable, it’s going to cost you about $40 from Kent Brushes, which also boasts about its Royal Warrant.


Yardley English Lavender with Essential Oils Soap Bar

According to Yardley’s website, they were given their first Royal Warrant by Prince Edward in the 1920s and have been a staple in royal households ever since. 

Yardley English Lavender with Essential Oils Soap Bar. The packaging is white and has some pictures of lavender flowers on it.

Source: jackieoh9/Instagram

This is said to have been one of the late queen’s favorite soap bars to use, and it can be bought for $16 from Amazon.


Charles Farris Elizabeth Scented Tin Candle

Even if it’s not the products she would use on herself, Queen Elizabeth would also want to ensure that her royal residences smelled nice.

Charles Farris Elizabeth Scented candle. The packaging of the candle is blue and navy. On the candle, it has ‘VIII’ in silver on the front.

Source: charlesfarrislondon/Instagram

One of the ways in which she did this was to light one of Charles Farris’ candles. According to the Charles Farris website, they began making candles in 1845. So, if you want your home to smell like a royal residence, it will cost you $35 from Walmart.


Barbour Classic Beadnell Waxed Jacket

The late queen’s Barbour waxed jacket was a favorite of hers, and she was often seen out and about wearing this jacket, particularly when in the countryside.

A woman wearing a Barbour Classic Beadnell Waxed Jacket. The jacket is green and has a dark color. There are various other coats and jackets behind her.

Source: Cotswold Outdoor/YouTube

According to The U.S. Sun, she even wore the same Barbour jacket for 25 years, which is roughly a third of her reign. However, this will set you back, as it costs $398 from Amazon.


Twinings of London Earl Grey Black Tea

With tea being considered as quintessentially British, it’s no wonder that the late queen chose to drink her tea from one of Britain’s most popular tea brands.

Twinings The Earl Grey tea packets. The packaging is dark with bits of pink and ‘Twinings’ has a gold background.

Source: TwiningsUK/YouTube

According to Taste of Home, the late queen’s favorite Twinings tea was the Earl Grey, and she would have it with a splash of milk and no sugar. You can buy this for just $15 from Amazon.