Professional Squatters Overtake Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant

By: Ben Campbell | Published: Apr 23, 2024

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay became the next in a long list of people affected by squatters as his London-based York & Albany pub was overtaken in mid-April. 

The squatters lasted over a week until they were eventually “served papers,” leading many to flee. However, a few persistent squatters remained behind and may face legal action. 

Gordon Ramsays York & Albany Pub

Gordon Ramsay is one of the world’s most recognized faces. His wit, charm, and explosive temperament have entertained millions on shows, including Hell’s Kitchen, over the years. 

An image of the York & Albany Pub and Hotel in Central London

Source: Wikimedia

As of April 2023, Ramsay has over 17 restaurants with a Michelin star and plenty more serving some of the best food in the world. However, one restaurant, the York & Albany pub, has recently been in the media for reasons other than food. 

York & Albany Pub Claimed by Squatters

The pub and restaurant, which are part of the Grade II-listed York and Albany hotel, are under Ramsay’s lease. However, it is up for sale with a price set at around $16 million, per The Guardian.

An image was taken by the squatters who overtook Gordon Ramsay's central London pub

Source: Camdenartcafe/Instagram

In April, squatters who claim to be part of the Camden Art Cafe took over the property and shared the news via a post to Instagram. 

Victims of Gentrification

The group claims they have taken over the building in protest of the “victims of gentrification” and to push back against the UK’s new high-speed railway, H2S. 

An image of a street corner in Camden Town, London

Source: Wikimedia

“We provide free food, drinks, and a space to display their art without the ridiculous red-tape that galleries require people to jump over. We believe all of us and our art deserve dignity.”

Six People Take Over Gordon Ramsay’s Pub

According to reports from the BBC, at least six professional squatters boarded up the windows of Ramsay’s pub and placed a “legal warning” on the entrance, explaining their occupation of the building. 

An image of Gordon Ramsay dressed in a white chef coat

Source: Wikimedia

The group left a note on the front door claiming they had the legal right to occupy the space as it was not a “residential building.” This means it’s exempt from a 2012 law that bans squatters from occupying or living in residential buildings. 

Squatters Threaten to Go to Court

At the bottom of the note, it was signed by “The Occupiers”, before going on to write there is “at least one person in occupation.” So, if anyone were to try and enter the central London establishment, it could result in a fine or prison sentence. 

An image of a judge gavel sitting on a small wooden desk

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“If you want to get us out, you will have to issue a claim for possession in the county court or in the High Court,” the note added.


Police Reveal They Cannot Remove the Squatters From Ramsays Pub.

London’s Metropolitan Police released a statement claiming they were made aware of squatters living in Gordon Ramsay’s pub and restaurant on April 10. However, they cannot take any action.

An image of several London-based police officers standing on the street

Source: Wikimedia

“This is a civil matter and so police did not attend the property,” said the Police force via People.


Camden Art Cafe Reveals Why They Are Occupying the Building

On April 15, the Camden Art Cafe posted on social media the reasoning behind its decision to occupy the building.

An image of a woman using her iPad to check social media

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“We aim to open our doors regularly to anyone and everyone, particularly the people of Camden who have been victims of gentrification and parasitic projects like HS2.” They continued, “space to display their art without the ridiculous red tape that galleries require people to jump over.”


All Londoners Should Experience Camden Properties, Says Squatters

As the post continued, the Camden Art Cafe detailed the wealth disparities in London’s Camden religion before claiming that everyone should be able to visit all buildings in the area. 

An image of Camden Town’s Town Hall during a clear afternoon

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The claim “That £13 million properties that most locals would never be able to afford to visit should be opened up to all.”


Sqautters Forced to Vacate Gordon Ramsays Pub

Two days after posting to social media, the Camden Art Group revealed they were “served papers” ordering them to vacate Gordon Ramsay’s York & Albany gastropub.

An image of a woman receiving paperwork by way of a courier

Source: Freepik

However, a small number of the squatters have decided to stay behind and continue to occupy the restaurant.  


Camden Art Cafe Reveals They Have Left Gordon Ramsay Pub

“We are sad to announce Camden Art Collective has left the building after being served papers yesterday,” the group wrote on Instagram.

Gordon Ramsay pictured during an event

Source: Wikimedia

 “We wish those left in the building the best of luck in their endeavors.”


Gordon Ramsay Looks to Ofload Lease on Central London Pub

The squatters managed to enter the building during a period when it was closed, as Gordon Ramsay was working on a deal to transfer his lease to new partners. 

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay pictured cooking a dish

Source: Wikimedia

“The pub was temporarily closed while he was finalizing a new lease, and during this handover period, a gang of professional squatters somehow bypassed all the security and CCTV and got themselves in,” a source told the US Sun.