Prince William and Kate Middleton Could Spend $59K Per Year on Prince George’s School If He Goes Here

By: Beth Moreton | Published: Mar 15, 2024

With Prince George set to leave primary school in the summer of 2024, this means that his parents, Prince William and Princess Catherine, are doing the same as every parent in the U.K. and looking at secondary schools.

But unlike most parents, raising the future King of England comes at a cost, and should Prince George go to ‘Teddies” school, they could be spending a fortune on his school fees.

St. Edward’s School (Teddies) is an Option

According to The Daily Mail, one of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ preferred options for Prince George’s education is St. Edward’s in Oxford.

An image of St Edward’s school from the outside. It includes a large brick building with a staircase outside. The sun is setting and there are trees in the distance.

Source: Danny Chapman/Wikimedia Commons

Given the nickname ‘Teddies,” this is where the future King of England could be studying from September 2024. 

Teddies Costs £47,000 ($59,000) Per Year

Many secondary schools in the U.K. are free; however, raising the future King of England is going to come at a high cost.

An outside look at St. Edward’s School in Oxford. There are two main red brick buildings, as well as a church in the middle. There is a green field between all the buildings and some cars parked outside.

Source: Len Williams/Wikimedia Commons

The cost per year spent at Teddies is $59,000, and if Prince George stays through to the end of his GCSEs, it could cost Prince William and Princess Catherine $295,000 over five years.

Teddies Was Founded in 1863

As it was founded in 1863 and is still going strong, Prince William and Princess Catherine can rest in the knowledge that their money will be going to good use.

Prince William, Prince George and Kate Middleton. Prince William is holding a stuffed toy and Prince George is stroking it. They are with Peter Cosgrove.

Source: Governor-General of Australia/Wikimedia Commons

It was founded by Reverend Thomas Chamberlain, and the current headmaster is Alastair Chirnside, who received a Congratulatory First in Classics and French from the University of Oxford and had his first teaching job at Eton, according to the St. Edward’s school website

St. Edward’s Has a Famous Set of Alumni

Prince George won’t be the only famous person to have attended St. Edward’s, as they have had many other students go to the school who went on to become famous.

Emilia Clarke at an event. She is smiling. There are people around her.

Source: Ajgonzalez/Wikimedia Commons

According to FamousFix, some of the famous people to attend Teddies include Emilia Clarke, Florence Pugh, and Laurence Olivier. 

St. Edwards Is Not Known for Educating Royalty

Where most royals were educated at Eton or home-schooled, sending Prince George to St. Edwards will be breaking with royal tradition.

An aerial view of Eton College. You can see the various buildings that make up the college, along with green fields and tress. There are hills in the background.

Source: Alwye/Wikimedia Commons

According to The Telegraph, St. Edwards isn’t known for educating royalty, so this will be a first for the school and the royals if Prince William and Princess Catherine decide to send Prince George here. 


St. Edward’s Has Good Values

When looking at potential schools for their children, one thing parents might look at is how good the school’s values are.

Prince George, Prince William, and Kate Middleton. They are all dressed up for Trooping of the Color. Prince George is pointing at something in the difference and is looking at the camera. Prince William is talking to him about what he has seen.

Source: Londisland/Wikimedia Commons

If Prince William and Princess Catherine are to send Prince George to Teddies, they are likely to be impressed by the school’s values. According to St. Edward’s website, it’s three main values are integrity, kindness, and courage. 


St. Edward's Has Amazing Grounds

While many secondary schools might be near busy roads or not have much in terms of grounds, Prince William and Princess Catherine don’t have to worry about Prince George missing out.

St Edwards School, Oxford. Some of the grounds and buildings can be seen, along with some trees and cars in the background.

Source: Britannia UK/YouTube

The school is based in Oxford and has around 100 acres of grounds for pupils to use.


The St. Edward's Curriculum Boasts a Range of Subjects

In the U.K., pupils tend to have a choice over what GCSEs they take, alongside their English, science, and math subjects, which are compulsory.

A view of one of the buildings at St Edward’s, Oxford. Trees surround the building and there are clouds in the sky.

Source: Britannia UK/YouTube

Not only does Teddies boast a range of different subjects, including art history, sports science, and classics, but according to St. Edward’s website, they want their pupils to focus on their long-term goals instead of just getting good grades. 


Teddies Has Various Extracurricular Activities

Academic subjects may be important, but with Teddies focusing on pupils’ long-term goals, they help with this in the form of extracurricular activities.

An orchestra. The photo is focusing on the violinists.

Source: Larisa Birta/Unsplash

According to the St. Edward’s website, the school offers over 60 clubs and societies, half of which are pupil-led. These include a crochet society, a physics society, and a screenwriting club, so Prince George will be able to choose anything that aligns with his interests.


St. Edward's Has a Compulsory Combined Cadet Force

If there’s one thing the royal family is known for is the fact that many members have served in the army at one point or another.

An army stood guarding a building. They are in navy uniform with red stripes down the side of the trousers. They are holding guns.

Source: Mick Latter/Pexels

As stated on St. Edward’s website, from when those attending get to fourth form, it is compulsory that they join the Combined Cadet Force. They do, however, have the choice of whether they join the army, navy, or air force. They can also choose to do their life skills program instead. 


St. Edward’s Combined Cadet Force Will Prepare Prince George to Become King

As joining St. Edward’s Combined Cadet Force is compulsory, the skills Prince George will learn from doing this may help prepare him for when he becomes king.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George at Wimbledon. A man and woman are sitting behind them. Charlotte and George have their arms in the air and are celebrating.

Source: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube

The Combined Cadet Force will help teach him leadership skills, as well as responsibility and self-reliance. It can also teach him how to be resourceful, have endurance, and persevere. 


St. Edward’s Has a Strong Focus on Mental Health

With the Prince and Princess of Wales’ Royal Foundation, mental health is one of the causes they pay a lot of attention to. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton at an event about mental health. William is in a dark suit and Kate is wearing an orange blazer.

Source: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

Teddies also has a strong focus on mental health, particularly the mental health of young people. This is likely to sway their decision on which school to send Prince George to.