We Don’t Think Prince Harry Is Making Up with Queen Camilla Soon, and This Is Why

By: Sam Watanuki | Published: Feb 27, 2024

Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” wasn’t just a book. It was a revelation of his turbulent relationship with Queen Camilla. Describing her as a media manipulator and a “villain,” Harry’s words painted a vivid picture of internal royal family conflicts.

His assertion that Camilla leaked stories to the press to improve her image added a layer of betrayal to the already complicated family dynamics. This bold accusation set the stage for public scrutiny and marked a significant chapter in Harry’s royal narrative, indicating deep-seated issues that seem far from resolution — even during Harry’s recent visit to see his father.

A Tense Visit

Despite the urgency of King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis, Prince Harry’s fleeting visit to London was shadowed by his preference to avoid Camilla, reportedly preferring “not to be in the same room with his stepmother when he spoke to the king about his cancer diagnosis,” according to The Telegraph.

King Charles is seen in close-up, wearing a blue pinstripe suit with a light blue tie

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Harry’s choice to keep the visit short, focusing solely on his father’s health, highlighted the unresolved issues between him and Camilla, making any immediate reconciliation seem unlikely.

A Brief Encounter

The limited time Harry and Charles spent together during Harry’s visit was reportedly to keep the king’s stress at a minimum. This decision, while understandable from a health perspective, also reflects the complexities of their relationship.

Prince Harry pictured during an event at Westminster Abbey in London

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The brief encounter, devoid of any real opportunity to address underlying issues, underscored the strained father-son relationship amid the family’s broader discord.

The Memoir Fallout

In “Spare,” Harry didn’t hold back. His portrayal of Camilla was damning, accusing her of sacrificing him on “her personal PR altar.” These words weren’t just critical — they were a son’s outcry against what he perceived as a stepmother’s manipulative actions that impacted his life profoundly.

King Charles III dressed in a navy suit jacket and silver tie alongside his wife, Queen Camilla

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The fallout from the memoir’s release was significant, straining family relationships and setting Harry further apart from the royal fold (per Marie Claire).

Camilla in the Crosshairs

Harry’s depiction of Camilla as “dangerous” and a “villain” was an accusation of her having a detrimental effect on the royal family’s internal dynamics.

Queen Camilla pictured in a dark blue jacket

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He suggested her ambition to rehabilitate her image led to a willingness to trade information with the press, implying a level of manipulation that had serious repercussions on the family’s unity and public image.

The Royal Response

The royal family’s silence in the wake of Harry’s allegations speaks volumes. Camilla’s reported reaction, an “eye-roll,” per a Newsweek source, suggests a dismissal of Harry’s grievances.

King Charles and Queen Camilla at a state event. Charles is wearing a black suit, a white collar shirt, and a blue sash with medals. Camilla is wearing the Greville Tiara with matching earrings and necklace, along with a white dress and blue sash.

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This non-engagement strategy might be seen as an attempt to maintain royal dignity, but it also leaves Harry’s accusations unaddressed, potentially deepening the rift between him and the royal family.


The Eye-Roll Heard Around the World

The details of Camilla’s “eye-roll” response to Harry’s accusations may seem trivial, but it symbolizes a significant divide.

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This gesture, as reported, indicates a lack of serious concern over Harry’s public grievances, which could be interpreted as indifference to his pain and frustration. It’s a small but telling detail that adds to the narrative of a family at odds with itself.


A Family Divided

The estrangement between Harry and key members of his family — including his brother, Prince William — highlighted by his explosive memoir and subsequent media appearances, paints a picture of a family deeply divided.

Prince Harry and Prince William pictured together during an event in 2018

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With Camilla often at the center of Harry’s criticisms, the divide seems to be more than personal grievances; it’s a reflection of competing narratives and unresolved issues that have significant implications for the family’s future.


Unhealed Wounds

The depth of Harry’s feelings toward Camilla, as expressed in “Spare” and various interviews, suggests that his wounds are far from healed.

Prince Harry pictured alongside his brother, Prince William, during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

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Describing his stepmother in such harsh terms reveals not just anger but a profound sense of betrayal and loss. These emotions, laid bare for the public, make the path to reconciliation seem increasingly complex and distant.


Public Perception Battles

Harry’s assertions that Camilla was a “third person” in his parents’ marriage and that she subsequently tried to alter public perception highlight a conflict that extends beyond family dynamics (via Time).

Prince Harry pictured in a navy suit and patterned tie during an event in London, England

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This battle over narrative and image has public implications, affecting how the royal family is viewed. Harry’s openness about these issues invites the public into a conversation about authenticity, manipulation, and the cost of royal status.


The Future of Royal Relations

The ongoing saga between Harry, Camilla, and the wider royal family leaves many questions about the future of their relationships.

Prince Harry pictured with a slight smile as he arrived at the Royal Courts of Justice in London

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With King Charles III’s health concerns and Harry’s steadfast position on his stepmother’s actions, the dynamics within the royal family remain uncertain. This uncertainty undoubtedly casts a long shadow over potential reunions and the prospect of healing familial rifts.


Hope Against the Odds

Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges facing Harry and Camilla’s relationship, the royal family has a consistent history of navigating through tumultuous times.

Prince William, Prince of Wales and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex during the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

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Yet, the severity of Harry’s accusations and the public nature of their dispute present unique obstacles to a potential reconciliation. Whether time can mend these fractures remains to be seen, but for now, the path to making up appears pretty unlikely.