Milan to Ban Ice Cream and Pizza After Midnight to Protect ‘Peace and Health’ of Residents

By: Beth Moreton | Published: May 04, 2024

Milan has long been a popular destination for tourists who want to explore the Italian region and all it has to offer.

However, Italian officials are trying to stop vendors from selling ice cream and pizza after midnight due to many Milan residents complaining about the noise tourists have been making after this time.

Milan’s Local Government Wants to Ban Pizza and Ice Cream

The proposals were initially made by Milan’s local government, which, Euro News reports, wants to ban street vendors selling pizza and ice cream after midnight.

A slice of pizza on a cutter. The rest of the pizza is on a wooden board on a wooden table, next to some tomatoes and a silver knife and fork.

Source: Kelvin T/Unsplash

If these new proposals are passed, they will become effective from May to November 2024.

Takeaway Food to Be Banned in Milan After Midnight

These new proposals will ban the sale of takeaway food in Milan after 12:30 a.m. on weekdays and 1:30 a.m. on weekends.

Milan at night. A red car is driving down the street, and there are crowds of people on either side of the street. Bright lights are hanging from above.

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Pizza and ice cream, two foods that Milan and the rest of Italy are most famous for, will be banned from sale after these times.

Late-Night Gelato Is Part of Italian Culture

People are unhappy with the Milan government’s move because, according to Sky News, late-night gelato is a part of Italian culture.

A person scooping out salted caramel gelato with a silver ice cream scoop from a tub. There are other tubs of gelato on either side of it. One tub has white gelato, and the other has green gelato.

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Removing something residents and tourists have long enjoyed about the region would take away a great part of Italian tradition.

Milan’s Residents Traditionally Buy Late-Night Ice Cream

With the ban on takeaway food set to come into place in Milan during the summer months, the ban will affect more than just tourists.

A chocolate gelato in a brown gelato tub.

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The Guardian reported Marco Barbieri, the secretary general for the Milan unit of Confcommercio, saying that most Italian families will go for a late-night walk around the streets of Milan and buy some ice cream. If this ban were to take effect, they would no longer be able to do this.

Milan Wants a Balance Between Entertainment and Peace

Part of the reason behind these new proposals is so the city can find a good balance between providing entertainment and socializing for those wanting to stay up while providing peace for those wanting to get an early night.

Milan at night. People are walking down the street holding umbrellas. A silver car is parked outside a building.

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This comes after some of Milan’s residents complained about the noise from the streets caused by people picking up late-night food and drink.


12 Milan Districts Will Be Affected

These new laws will affect only 12 of Milan’s districts.

Lazzaretto in Milan. There is a view of the sea with rocks and boats in the distance.

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The Independent reports that Nolo, Lazzaretto, Brera, and Ticinese are some of the districts said to be affected.


Milan’s Bars and Restaurants Will Have to Close Outdoor Areas

Banning the sale of food and drinks in Milan won’t just affect street vendors.

Restaurants at night. There is seating outside the restaurant, and some people sitting at tables.

Source: Mikita Yo/Unsplash

Food and Wine has reported that Milan’s bars and restaurants must close their outdoor areas simultaneously.


Mayor Giuseppe Sala Supports Banning Food Sales After Midnight

The Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, has supported the proposed ban on food and drinks after midnight.

Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala. He is smiling and in a navy suit.

Source: Comune di Milano/Wikimedia Commons

This comes after some of Milan’s residents have complained to him about the excessive noise from the streets.


Banning Pizza and Ice Cream in Milan Has Happened Before

This isn’t the first time the Milan government has tried to put a ban on the sale of pizza and ice cream after a certain time.

A slice of pizza being picked up. There is stringy cheese that is attached to the rest of the pizza. It is a cheese and tomato pizza.

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The Irish Independent reports that the Milan government tried to ban the sale of takeaway food after midnight in 2013, but local residents were able to stop this from happening.


Milan’s Residents Can Appeal Banning Takeaway Food

As only the proposals have been drawn up so far, there is still some time for people to take action against this potential new law.

A street in Milan during daytime. Cars and vans are driving down it. Some people are walking, others are on bikes. Flat and apartment buildings are on either side of the street.

Source: Joshi Milestoner/Unsplash

The Daily Star has reported that Milan’s residents have until May to try and appeal banning takeaway food after midnight in this popular tourist destination.


Banning Takeaway Food in Milan Won’t Solve the Problem

While Milan’s government seems to think that banning the sale of late-night takeaway food and drink sales, others aren’t so sure.

Pepperoni pizza. Someone is picking up one slice of pizza with a pizza slicer. Stringy cheese is attaching this slice to the rest of the pizza.

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Both tourists and residents are likely to stay out late at night regardless of whether food and drink are being sold, meaning the loud noise will not go away, and street vendors, bars, and restaurants will lose out on a lot of money.