Man Who Set Himself on Fire Outside of Trump’s Hush Money Trial is Self-Proclaimed “Investigative Journalist”

By: Beth Moreton | Published: Apr 28, 2024

Those who paid attention to Donald Trump’s hush money trial in April 2024 may remember seeing images and video clips of a man who set himself on fire.

It has been revealed that this man is Max Azzarello, a conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed investigative journalist.

The Jury Was Chosen

The New York Post reported that Azzarello set himself on fire at pretty much the exact same time as the jury was chosen for the trial. 

Max Azzarello as he is setting himself on fire. His legs can be seen through the flames, and the flames and smoke are twice his size. He is standing in front of some metal barriers and buildings.

Source: @AdvBarryRoux/X

This was after he had covered himself in gasoline, which was used to ensure he could set himself alight.

Onlookers Were Horrified

Azzarello did this while surrounded by people standing outside the trial, leaving many horrified by what had just happened.

Max Azzarello kneeling on the floor while on fire. He is on the right, and the flames on the left are from something that got set on fire.

Source: @AdvBarryRoux/X

As there was already a police presence there, the New York Post reported that many were shouting for the police to come and do something, as many were frozen in horror. 

There Was Little That Anyone Could Do

Despite police rushing to get a fire extinguisher, there was little anyone could do other than wait for an ambulance.

Police officers and ambulance men putting Max Azzarello onto a hospital stretcher.

Source: @wideawake_media/X

Sky News reported that Azzarello had died in hospital. 

Trump Offered Condolences

After learning that Azzarello had set himself on fire, the Trump campaign offered its condolences.

The police putting out the fire that Max Azzarello set. There is a cloud of smoke and pieces of colored paper scattered across the ground.

Source: @asifrealpk/X

This was before Azzarello’s death and was offered to those who had witnessed him set himself on fire.

Azzarello Is a Part of the Ponzi Papers

Just moments before setting himself on fire, Azzarello had been handing out newsletters to passersby.

A post on X by Rachel Scharf. The post says, “A poster left in Collect Park Pond reads “The Ponzi Papers” That leads you here.” There is a screenshot from her phone on Substack with a link to subscribe to The Ponzi Papers.

Source: @rscharf_/X

An account on X revealed that the newsletters had links. Following the link will take you to a Substack newsletter entitled “The Ponzi Papers.”


Azzarello Was Arrested Three Times in 2023

This isn’t Azzarello’s first time with the police, as he was arrested three times in Florida in 2023 alone.

Max Azzarello standing next to Bill Clinton. They are both standing in front of the US flag.

Source: @TheAmericanGrl/X

The New York Post reported that he was arrested for throwing wine at a framed photo that was a photo of Bill Clinton, criminal mischief, and disturbing the peace. 


Azzarello Was in a Psych Ward

In 2023, Azzarello was placed in a psych ward.

A Facebook post by Max Azzarello. In the post, he wrote about his time in the psych ward and included an image of a pair of socks resting on a computer keyboard in front of a laptop.

Source: Max Azzarello/Facebook

He posted about this on Facebook, detailing the good, the bad, and the ugly. He ended the post by saying that the Government needs to be abolished. 


Azzarello Wanted To Draw Attention to Victims of Totalitarianism

Azzarello did this extreme act to draw attention to the victims of totalitarianism.

An ideo map showing what leads to totalitarianism. There is a black arrow with socialism on one end and capitalism on the other. Above this, in the center, is a box that says “More libertarian.” Underneath is a box that says “More authoritarian,” which then leads to totalitarianism.

Source: Unknown Author/Wikimedia Commons

The Times of India reported that Azzarello had written in his newsletter that the US Government was about to hit people with an “apocalyptic fascist world coup.”


Trump and Biden Are on the Same Side

There has been some discourse regarding which political side Azzarello might be on.

Max Azzarello during a protest. He is holding up a sign that says, “Trump is with Biden and they’re about to fascist coup us.”

Source: @farzan_ali_b99/X

However, from his newsletter, it appears that Azzarello believes that Trump and Biden are on the same side and will both be leading a fascist coup against the American people and possibly the world. 


The Elite Are Peddling Fear

Azzarello also believes that the elite is peddling fear into everyone else about various crises that he believes aren’t real.

Max Azzarello standing next to another man. He is wearing a t-shirt that says, “Bernie Sanders eat the rich.” There is a skull on a plate in the center of the shirt.

Source: @DayTradeDiane/X

The New York Post reported that Azzarello believes the elite have peddled fear to take all the wealth from everyone else, only to push a fascist dystopia upon everyone. 


Cryptocurrency Will Collapse the World’s Economy

Azzarello’s LinkedIn page briefly describes what he believes in, and it’s not cryptocurrency.

A bitcoin on top of a black laptop keyboard.

Source: Jievani Weerasinghe/Unsplash

He refers to cryptocurrency as a Ponzi scheme, stating that it will soon collapse the world’s economy so the elite can fascist coup everyone else.