Historic Mini Castle Is for Rent in London

By: Lauren | Published: Feb 03, 2024

Just south of central London sits the beautiful National Trust Morden Hall Park, and in it a mini castle that is actually available to rent.

The small castle has a rich history, is incredibly charming, and located in a breathtaking park. Additionally, because it’s owned by the National Trust, by renting the castle for just £1,600 per month ($2,000), its residents also get access to all other National Trust sites. 

Where Is This Tiny Castle?

Amazingly, this little castle in the park is only a short train ride away from central London. It sits between the Colliers Wood and Morden stations at the end of the Northern Line.

Sign for a London Underground train station

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It’s a quick walk from the castle to both stations, and the surrounding areas of Colliers Wood and Morden are known for their quaint downtowns with restaurants, shops, and cafes.

The National Trust Morden Hall Park

More specifically, the castle is nestled within the National Trust Morden Hall Park, which the trust calls “a green oasis in the city at the heart of the community.”

Sign for the National Trust Morden Hall Park

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There, visitors and residents will find beautiful walking paths for families and pets within its 125 acres, as well as activities for children, and even wildlife.

Morden Hall Park Is a Great Place for Families

As well as enjoying the park itself, Modern Hall is a great place for families as the schools of both Morden and Colliers Wood are just a few blocks away.

Google Maps image of National Trust Morden Hall Park and the surrounding areas

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These smaller towns are also growing slowly but surely as many former London residents have decided to leave the city center for the quiet life at the end of the train line. 

The Unique History of Morden Hall Park’s Mini Castle

The park and surrounding towns are certainly a draw for many, but the mini castle available for rent has its own special allure as well. 

Footbridge on a misty morning in the National Trust Morden Hall Park

Source: Andrew Butler/National Trust Images

During the First World War, the castle was used as an impromptu military hospital, and later a hospital for women and children in the area.

Many Famous People Have Dined in the Garden

By 1941, the National Trust had inherited the castle, and several famous Brits enjoyed events in its lush garden.

British actor and film director Sir Richard Attenborough poses behind a motion picture camera and a clapperboard 1993

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Director and actor Richard Attenborough spent time there, as well as beloved actor Sir Alec Guinness.


The Old Castle Has Since Been Renovated

Although the small castle has a rich history and the outside still has the historical feel, the inside has been completely renovated.

Photograph of a modern kitchen

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The rooms are carpeted, there is central heating, and the kitchen comes equipped with all the modern appliances a renter could need.


Renting the Castle Means More Than Just Finding a Rare Home

While renting the castle is exciting on its own, it also comes with quite exciting perks from the National Trust. 

The ancient neolithic monument of Stonehenge near Amesbury is viewed from a hot air balloon

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Renters receive a “tenant pass” which means they can visit several of the country’s most cherished sites for free. That includes Anglesey Abbey, the childhood home of Sir Paul McCartney, and of course, the famous Stonehenge.


What Is the UK National Trust?

Since its inception in 1895, the National Trust has grown to be the largest conservation charity in all of Europe. It cares for more than 250,000 hectares of farmland and over 500 historic properties.

Sir Robert Hunter with his daughter (center), fellow National Trust founder Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley (far right) and friend in the Lake District around 1900

Source: National Trust Images

There are over 50,000 volunteers, 10,000 members of staff, and an almost unbelievable 5.37 million members that work together to protect the natural beauty and history of the country. 


Being a Part of the National Trust

So it’s certainly enticing for some to know that their rent will be helping the National Trust fund its conservation and beautification projects throughout the United Kingdom. 

Logo for the United Kingdom’s National Trust charity

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The trust explained on the castle’s online listing, “The rental income we receive from our let properties assists directly in the furtherance of our core purpose, conservation.”


Living in a Piece of History

The mini castle in the National Trust Morden Hall Park is just one of the trust’s many properties available for rent. 

Screenshot of available National Trust properties on RightMove

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The trust noted, “All National Trust properties are different. Each has its own character and individual circumstances. This is the very diversity and local distinctiveness that the Trust celebrates and protects through its conservation work.”


Living in a National Trust Castle

There are so many reasons why the National Trust’s mini castle in Morden Hall Park would be a wonderful place to live.

Vulnerable cliff top buildings at Birling Gap in winter 2017

Source: Chris Lacey/National Trust Images

The castle will likely be rented in no time, but luckily, for those interested, the trust offers several other beautiful and historical properties around the country.