Harry and Meghan Have Relaunched Their Sussex Site — What Does It Mean?

By: Alec Donaldson | Published: Feb 25, 2024

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have launched a new website under the domain Sussex.com in an attempt to re-brand themselves as they continue to adjust to life outside of the royal family. 

Critics have lashed out at the couple who now live in California, with many complaining they are using this as a means to cash in via their royal links. 

Queen Elizabeth Forces Harry and Meghan to Drop Label

After deciding to withdraw from royal duties in 2020, Queen Elizabeth asked Harry and Meghan to drop the “Sussex Royal” label they used as branding. 

Queen Elizabeth II pictured to the left of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during an event in London

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While Harry and Meghan are still respectfully known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the queen asked them no longer to use their HRH titles for any kind of business and to refrain from making money off their royal connections, according to The Daily Mail.

Sussex Royal Website Becomes Archewell

Weeks before the meeting with the queen in Sandringham, Prince Harry and Meghan had launched a website with the domain SussexRoyal.com.

Meghan Markle pictured in a white dress beside her husband, Prince Harry during an interview

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In the wake of the meeting, they were forbidden from using the domain. Their website, later named Archewell, sheds insight into the charitable and commercial work done by the couple. 

Megan and Harry Relaunch Sussex Website

Recently, the couple decided to relaunch their website under the new domain Sussex.com last Monday. 

Prince Harry pictured in a black suit jacket alongside his wife Meghan Markle

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The new website features Meghan’s coat of arms and has plenty of news and updates on the couple’s most recent projects.

Link Back to Sussex Royal Website

One particular facet of the website has garnered backlash online. 

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On the webpage, a link for “The Office of Prince Harry & Meghan” leads users back to the Sussex page, which some argue violates Harry’s promise to his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

Royal Commentator Shares Opinion

Speaking with The Daily Mail, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam shared his opinion on Harry and Meghan’s decision to continue using the Sussex site. 

A man dressed in a denim shirt speaks during an interview

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He said it “makes no sense to include a name they can’t use.” Fitzwilliam continued, “It is something of an aberration.”


Criticism Aimed at New Website

The new website has been met with considerable backlash online after critics suggested it’s nothing more than a way to make money off their royal links.

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According to The Independent, one critic said it has created a “blurred line between the past and the present.”


The Queen Would Have Been Furious

The Daily Mail reported that many close to the royal family are in agreement that the use of the Sussex name in terms of branding goes against what the late Queen Elizabeth would have wanted.

Queen Elizabeth II pictured as she arrives at a state banquet in her honor at Schloss Bellevue palace

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Some even described it as a breach of faith, complaining “if not in letter, certainly in spirit.”


King Charles Is Not Focused on the Situation

The palace has yet to make any official announcement on Prince Harry and Meghan’s use of the Sussex name for business purposes.

King Charles III pictured in his military uniform as he attends a parade at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

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However, an inside source spoke with The Daily Mail and said, “The king has other things he needs to focus on at the moment, and the last thing His Majesty needs is another fight with his son. But this won’t go down well at all.”


Not Everyone Is Against the Sussex Domain

One couple close to Prince Harry and Meghan defended their use of the Sussex domain when speaking in an interview. 

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“Prince Harry and Meghan are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. That is a fact. It is their surname and family name,” they told The Daily Mail


Beginning to Look More Royal

Another source who spoke with The Daily Mail argued that Harry and Meghan are “really pushing it” with their rebranding. 

Meghan Markle pictured in a white dress as she stands beside Prince Harry during an event in New York City

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“The only rebrand this looks like is to make them seem more royal. It’s hugely problematic and a real headache for the Lord Chamberlain,” said one source.


Meghan Speaks on the Rebranding of the Website

The Duchess of Sussex spoke on the rebranding of the website, praising the creator’s “attention to detail” and “creativity and care” (via The Independent).

Meghan Markle pictured in a blue dress during the Unveiling of the Labalaba Statue in Fiji

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She continued, “They’re not just designers; they are collaborators who elevate your ideas into visual identities. They’re a very special company. Plus, they’re Canadian, so I’m a fan.”