Google Lays Off Employees to Restructure in Mexico, India, and Ireland

By: Beth Moreton | Published: Apr 25, 2024

After a year of layoffs for Google employees in 2023, they aren’t through the worst yet, as more layoffs are expected in 2024.

Many are expected to lose their jobs as the company goes through a restructuring phase and moves some jobs abroad.

Google Is Creating Growth Hubs

While Google is reducing its workforce, it is still planning to expand as it will launch growth hubs.

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The New York Post reports that the hubs are set to launch in India, Mexico, and Ireland, which could mean some people’s jobs are moved overseas.

The Finance Department Will Be Affected

It’s bad news for those working in Google’s finance department. Business Insider reports this is where many of the layoffs are set to occur.

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The finance department’s teams include Google’s Treasury, the business services department, and the revenue cash operations team.

Unknown How Many Layoffs Will Happen

While it is known that there will be layoffs, it is unknown how many jobs are on the line.

A woman sitting at a wooden desk with a computer, pieces of paper, and stationary on the desk. A person is handing her a brown cardboard box that says “FIRED” on the side in black capital letters.

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The only thing known is that a small percentage of these roles will be moved abroad, which likely means that people currently in those roles will either have to make an international move or lose their jobs.

Google Has Already Layed off at Least 1000 Workers

These aren’t the first layoffs Google employees have seen in 2024, as it was announced in January that around 1000 workers were set to be made redundant.

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The New York Post reported that these layoffs were in the sales team and were a part of Google’s continuing efforts to restructure the business.

12,000 Google Employees Were Fired in 2023

The latest layoffs only seem to add to those from 2023, which saw around 12,000 Google employees lose their jobs.

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This comes after tech companies expect an economic downturn soon.


Google Wants to Be Innovative

Part of the reason behind these layoffs is due to Google wanting to become more innovative.

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A spokesperson for the company was quoted in Bracknell News as saying they wanted to focus on their bigger priorities to improve the company.


AI Might Be to Blame

Experts have long warned about AI’s impact on businesses, and Google seems to have heeded this warning.

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Mint reports that Google’s introduction of AI-based tools has lessened the need for employees, and as a result, many have lost their jobs.


Other Tech Companies Are Also Laying off Employees

Google isn’t the only tech company laying off employees. Other tech giants such as Microsoft, Meta, and Snapchat are also doing so.

One of the Microsoft office buildings. The building is covered in glass. Underneath the office is another building made of brick that says “Nordstrom.”

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The Hill explains that employees have lost their jobs due to AI, rising interest rates, and having hired more employees during the COVID-19 pandemic than they need now.


Affected Employees Have Been Invited to Apply for Other Roles

Despite the layoffs, Google has invited those who have lost their jobs to apply for other internal roles within the company.

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However, Google doesn’t necessarily have enough vacant jobs to cover the number of lost jobs, which means many will have to look elsewhere for work.


More Employees Have Been Sacked Due to Protests

Along with the restructuring layoffs, a further 28 employees were sacked in April after getting involved in protests regarding Google’s supposed involvement in the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Protests regarding the Israel and Gaza conflict in the Middle East. Many of the people in the crowd are holding Palestine flags.

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A spokesperson for Google told the BBC that the protestors were walking through offices and preventing other employees from getting any work done.


Layoffs Will Continue Through August 2024

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the layoffs are expected to continue through August 2024.

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However, it is currently unknown how many more Google employees and departments can expect to lose their jobs or whether the layoffs will continue well past August.