Biden and King Charles Have Entered a ‘Marriage of Convenience’

By: Lauren | Published: Feb 02, 2024

King Charles III and President Joe Biden may not have a lot in common, but they do both believe vehemently that environmental reform is absolutely essential for our planet’s survival.

And in July 2023, the two world leaders got together before attending the NATO summit in Lithuania to join forces and commit together to fighting for real and lasting change.

President Biden Hasn’t Always Been a Big Supporter of the Monarchy

Although he’s never directly spoken against the British Royal Family, President Biden is known for his less-than-enthusiastic feelings about the crown.

Queen Elizabeth II with US President Joe Biden in the Grand Corridor during their visit to Windsor Castle on June 13, 2021

Source: Steve Parsons/WPA Pool/Getty Images

In the president’s autobiography, Promises to Keep, he said, “When I told my mother I was going to have an audience with the Queen of England, the first thing she said was, ‘Don’t you bow down to her.’” And Biden also famously skipped King Charles’ coronation ceremony.

Biden Feels that King Charles Is a Useful Partner in the Fight for Climate Change

However, Biden seems to understand that in order to ignite environmental change, King Charles is one of the best allies he can have. 

Prince Charles makes a keynote speech at the opening session of the United Nations Climate Summit on November 30, 2015

Source: Carl Court/Getty Images

Reports say that President Biden told King Charles, “We need you badly,” before the COP26 summit in July, and that the king is a “clarion voice” on this important issue.

What Kind of Power Does King Charles Have to Make These Changes?

It’s important to understand that, according to the crown, “The Sovereign no longer has a political or executive role,” but that doesn’t mean the king doesn’t have power.

Then-Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, now King Charles III, waves as he attends the Royal Cornwall Show

Source: Tim Rooke/WPA Pool/Getty Images

The British monarchy, and more specifically, the King, has immense influence over residents of the United Kingdom and its politicians. And while they cannot make the final decision, they can certainly affect the outcome. 

A “Marriage of Convenience”

The president and the king’s official meeting last July has essentially created what many are calling a “marriage of convenience,” in which the two plan to work together toward a common goal. 

King Charles III and US President Joe Biden arrive to meet participants of the Climate Finance Mobilization forum

Source: Andrew Matthews/WPA Pool/Getty Images

With President Biden’s power and deep pockets and King Charles’ influence, there’s no doubt that they could make a real difference as a team. 

The Famous Pat on the Back

Although the majority of headlines after the president and the king met in July focused on their joint dedication to environmental change, there was one moment that, for some, was even more interesting.

King Charles III greets The President of the United States, Joe Biden, in the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle

Source: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

After shaking hands, President Biden gave the king a gentle pat on the back, which goes against royal protocol. However, apparently, King Charles wasn’t upset by the casual encounter. A spokesperson from Buckingham Palace reported, “His Majesty the King is entirely comfortable with that kind of contact — and what a wonderful symbol of warmth and affection it was between both the individuals and their nations.”


John Kerry and Grant Shapps Also Appear to Have Formed an Alliance

At the now-famous meeting between the two world leaders, Britain’s Energy Secretary Grant Shapps and John Kerry, the U.S. special climate envoy, also discussed plans for the future of sustainable energy.

Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero Grant Shapps and the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry

Source: Andrew Matthews/WPA Pool/Getty Images

According to Kerry, the two plan to “accelerate the deployment of literally trillions of dollars” toward fighting against climate change in the near future.


President Biden Made One More Stop Before the NATO Summit

After the meeting at Windsor Castle, President Biden went straight to Downing Street to meet with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

Britain's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden speak at the start of the meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) on the first day of the 2023 NATO Summit

Source: Paul Ellis-Pool/Getty Images

The two reportedly focused on Ukraine, not the issue of climate change, though it’s likely they touched on the subject before heading to the NATO summit just days later.


Spending to Save

While the exact words exchanged during the meetings of the president and the king and the president and the prime minister are not public knowledge, the general consensus is that they all believe significant investments should be made to save the planet.

In this aerial view, wind turbines producing electricity spin over a solar park

Source: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

And President Biden has already put his money where his mouth is by signing the Reduction Act into law. The act, which is “the most comprehensive climate legislation the US has ever seen, initiates investing billions in giant wind and solar farms, electric vehicles, and environmental justice.


Biden Has Made His Stance on Climate Change a Cornerstone of His Re-Election Campaign

The US presidential race has already begun, and President Biden has put his hat in the ring for another term in The White House.

US President Joe Biden smiles as he arrives to speak during a campaign event at Montgomery County Community College on January 5, 2024

Source: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

And the president has made his dedication to decreasing fossil fuel use and increased focus on renewable and green energy sources a cornerstone of his campaign.


The Majority of Americans Believe in the President’s Mission to Save the Planet

Of course, as with all political decisions, some Americans disagree with President Biden’s policies toward climate change.

Students take part in a climate strike demo in London, England

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However, it seems that the vast majority of voters, especially the younger generations, are in full support of the current president’s fight against climate change and his arduous decision to spend billions doing so.


What Will Come of King Charles and President Biden’s Meeting?

So far, no concrete plans or initiatives have been announced since President Biden and King Charles met in July.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, shakes hands with King Charles III in the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle

Source: Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

But people within the USA and the UK, as well as around the world, are hoping that this symbolic friendship will eventually lead to deep-rooted change for our planet.